Friday, June 11, 2010


Dear me, oh my my, Penny gave me the fear this morning. Around 4 am, I was looking for Penny, that's the time for her first dosage of Lasix (water pills). Since I am at work most of the day, that's the best time frame to fit in four dosages in a 24hr cycle. It's not a perfect schedule but it works, well, it has to work. Sometimes I wished I lived closer (like I use to) and run home to medicate our SUPER Penny. Sorry I digress, the point is, I woke up at 4am and gave her her meds. She loves to take her meds because that means she gets to eat the soft food, Little Ceasar (today's flavor is Duck).
Well, I woke up at 7am to get ready for work. Out of habit, I always say good morning to the girls (Gosh I am turning into a scary cat chick). Allie sits on the checkered chair and Penny sleeps next to the white sofa. She just started sleeping next to the white sofa, I suspect she smells Lennox, since his last visit. Anyways, she WASN'T THERE! I went to the back, to see if she was taking a restroom break...Nope, not there. Looked frantically and found her asleep right next to her water bowl. She didn't move. OMG! I thought, NOOOOOOO this can't be. Called her name. She didn't re-act. NOOOOO!!! I went right next to her and she looked up at me and then took a drink of water. Oh so tired, she just slept closer to the water bowl since the meds make her thirsty. Poor baby!

We packed up and went to the vet this morning. She did perk up right as I pulled into the Vet parking lot. She stood up to looked out the window. Penny use to do this all the time when I would drive home to Mom's house. She would get all excited. Since she has been sicker, she hasn't done this trick in the last 6 months, until today. To me, that's a great sign, that she knows that she is going to feel better.

I am going to get the doctor and his staff some pies from the House of Pies today, from Penny of course. They are keeping her all day for me, since my schedule is hectic. They are going to feed, medicate,walk and talk to her until I can pick her up. No extra charge (usually there are extra fees). Thank goodness for GOOD PEOPLE. I couldn't do it without them.
PS Anne's mom, Mrs. Guthrie even checked in on Penny. See, so many amazing people love Penny! Penny Luv. Penny Luv. Every extra day is a blessing.

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  1. Thu, You know I am not an animal lover, but I got teary-eyed reading this. I hope you have many more perky trips to the vet with Penny. And next time we go visit I want to visit the House of Pies! MMMMMMMM Miss you-- Shirley