Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Our first picture of the New Year

David & Zoe

I had my first Korean meal with David and Zoe. It was a great experience and the meat was very tender. 
 Here's an early picture of David, Zoe and Chi Trang before taking them to the airport. Had a nice one on one time with Zoe and David...Loved every second of it. Miss them.

Foie Gras

Finally had some foie gras that I can craving for at Kata Robata.
It is tossed with Soba (Cold noodles) and thinly sliced duck (not gamey at all).

I had been wanting to go to Uchi but their wait time is ridiculous and reservations are weeks out in advance unless you want to go on a Wednesday night. I do not want to go on a Wednesday night.

So we stumbled upon this restaurant while eating at Dessert Gallery weeks ago when we were waiting for Amber to wrap up her movie date (We were the chaperons/ride).

Thumbs up for decor an ambiance. They are proud of their prices but for the quality, I think it's worth it. Make sure you have a reservations for Friday,

Saturday or Sunday.

Tet 2015

This year, I don't know what happen to the gamblers but they were hard to locate.
But finally we got to play some at Co's house.

It was fun. I didn't ever win at LCR but that's ok. Phoung introduced us to a new game. It's the 3 card scratch game but with a twist. You get to trade what ever cards you want, faced down, until no one wants to trade with you. It made the game quite competitive and a lot more fun.

Monday, February 16, 2015


You know, it's just a nice familiar thing to see...My daddy on his computer, tinkering away.

Early Tet

The year of the Goat!
David won back to back the opening of the LCR games.

Since we did it early, the mood of gambling was not as fierce as it normally would be.
But we can always count on Vien to keep the games interesting.

This was the first year we had Dan join the family for the toasts. Here's to a stronger and always loving New Year. Come on Luck, let it be Good and full of abundance.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I lost my running partner due to a diagnose of early onset arthritis at the knees... This was him pre-pain. The last four weeks have been brutal for him to even bend his knees but more so for the fact that he couldn't stay active. Yesterday he got his cortisone shot and he can bend again. The power of steroids. Miracles of miracles! (Of course he won't take the doc's advice to stop running) I certainly would. . . . No brainer there for me.

Old Friends

I have been technically working for the same firm for 20 years now. For the same partners at least. Last week, random ex- co-workers took time to come out to meet me and to try to help make Angelica's birthday a good one.


I like my Sushi Time with Robert. We don't have to go anywhere fancy but we always appreciate fresh sushi or good Robata.

For some reason, I can never get myself to eat the tentacle part of the Squid...Ewwwww

So our new sushi place is Azuma, I like the downtown location better, yet Robert likes the Rice Village location. Rice location has a bigger menu selection. We are going to try Kata Robata next.

My Auntie

Funny, I have been meaning to post this about Co Houng and Jimmy kinda beat me to this.

Well, it started back on my birthday Sept 2014. Co decided to surprise me with a Happy Birthday text.

My mother called me and gave me my annual, I love you, Happy Birthday. And I closed the conversation by saying, "Oh, thank Co Houng!" My mother laughed cause it was me getting back at her her always thinking I am Lisa or Melissa. I guess mom told Co and she decided to text me. I'll spare you all our text but the jist was she was going to practice texting more often because I was complimenting her on the fact that she texted.

Skip to last week. I always invite Co and Chu Hai to play the Super Bowl Squares with my family and after asking Jimmy to forward the squares to his mother for me, Co sent me a thank you with emojis. In my mind, I was thinking, she promised me she would practice and obviously 4 months later, she was kicking butt!  (As Jimmy said, the mad face emoji...I took it as, she didn't like to depart with her moo-lah)

Side bar: It may be goofy but I do not care, I love my random text from Co and Chu. We grew up in a different era where Aunts and Uncles are a tad different and less hands on then the type of Aunt and Uncles we are to our precious Nieces and Nephews. It's obvious that each Uncle and Aunts love us but at the time of growing up, it was just a different set up and now that their kids are grown, we nieces and nephews get a little more attention from them. But I like to think I have something special with Co and Chu because they are the only Aunt and Uncles that actually have my cell number (not that it's special or anything). I got a text from Chu about two months ago with a picture of my mom and Co posing for a pic at the mall. It's priceless to me.

As for Jimmy, I need to know what kind of Smart Phone she has...That way I can get the same one for my mom and your mother can teach her....So I don't have to do it.