Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Autism Clinic

Holden got his lucky break to star in a commercial for an Autism Clinic. He loved every second of it.

Bubble Beard

 He loves showing me his bubble beard. He loves bath time.

More baseball

Cause boys will be boys...

Mel & Dan

This really is a nice picture. What a great day it turned out to be.


I think Wayfair has great customer service! The tv stand came defective. Instead of just giving me a discount. They sent another one to me. Now I have two of the exact same tv stand. Dang it. I should be happy but I would have been happy with just a discount.


I hate that I hate board games. But thank goodness he plays with the boys and they love playing games.

Soccer shirts

Between David and Chi Tram..The boys get spoiled with so many cool shirts. Thanks again! Cameron is starting to look older, don't you think?

Sunny Summer


We tossed a lot of sunflower seeds in mid to late March and it's now June 7, 2017 and we got our very first bloom!   Right now we see about at least 20 more little buds.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Via Middle School

 Pool party for the 5th graders. His safety patrol award and a citizenship award. Great job !

Talent Show

Last day of school and he was one of the finalist that got to perform again for the schools talent show.

Baseball Fever

Holden's first year of coach pitch baseball. We got lucky to be on a strong team. Holden has learned to be a better player. He only knew to swing aat a ball but nothing more than that. Now, he's a pretty decent a batting and catching the ball. Good for you Holden! 
The bonus was they were 15-1 and got first place for the whole season and they went totally undefeated for the tournament games. All very happy!

Let's Party

It was a graduation party for Austin and a surprise party for Amanda.