Thursday, July 17, 2014


I only went to Dobie for my freshman year.
Then switched to Milby and inadvertently decided to remain @ Milby til graduation.
I do not recall doing any school work what so ever @ Milby.
Considering that I did nothing and ranked as #32...I must admit...It was a "No Bueno" system.
It was a huge drop out rate back then.

Robert and I have crossed paths many times in our lives, unbeknownst to us.
I went to Burnett and he went to Frazier (both schools are practically built & have the same layout).
We both went to Thompson.
We both went to St. Luke's CCE classes in the evenings on Wednesday.

Here's our Dobie freshman pic.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm just happy.

Dirty Boy

It's been raining more than I am use to and for some Magical way...Watson finds the wet spot in the backyard in the morning. He gets so dirty & muddy...

This happened three times in a week and I have to take an extra ten minutes in the morning to bath him. He loves the water. I think he is doing this on purpose to keep me home longer.


Had a great weekend with Amber when she was not working at a Pearland neighborhood pool for her summer job.
Her working hours are from 10 am to 8pm.
Long hours if you ask me.

I bring her lunch and feed her dinner.
How is she able to be fit eating MacDonald's and enchiladas?
Has anyone seen the movie Sand Lot?
I wonder how many young boys have a crush on Amber as their life gaurd.

One more month and she's hanging out in Austin, TX for school. Growing up so fast.

World Cup

Watched the World Cup.
I really wanted Luke's team to win.
Of course I really wanted England (that hope was dashed almost immediately) to win but Argentina came in second.

This is my 3rd World Cup that I have followed and as each year passes, I generally have more passion in the events.
As a young girl, I remember dad listening to the old brown leather radio and it was usually a soccer game on the am station. Then around maybe seven/eight years old, I remember watching Victory with chi Ha, chi Tram and chi Trang. That had Pele and Sylvester Stallone playing soccer for their lives.

Then David Beckham came into my life and I was hooked on "football". So hooked that I even watched the soap opera Footballer Wives back in 2006. (So lame yet I loved it)

Flash forward: Yesterday was so much fun until Germany scored. I had hopes all the way until the missed goal by Messi.

I had an instant tear and then I saw other Argentinians cry. Man, somehow I felt their angst.
None the less, Danielle and Robert called me out on my sentimental shenanigans and I did not continue.

I was in the kitchen because I was too nervous to sit by the end of the game.
Beckham and Sons rooted for Argentina. I still love Beckham...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Zoe & David

We all hung out together for their going back to France dinner.
Anh Vinny caught and fried us some delicious bass from Lake Conroe.

It was sweet how daddy was teaching Zoe about baseball and had the pleasure of meeting Zoe's french friends, Melody and David.

Wet & Wild

This July 4th, spent with family was exactly what I wanted.
It was a little weird not to have Anh Vinh's family around, they were out of town with Chi La's side of the family.
(I guess we have to be fair to share ...)

I thought it was going to be just Melly, Dan, Robert and I popping fireworks.
When purchasing the fireworks, I only purchase apprx 33% the amount I normally have in the previous years.
I only play with sparklers so why buy so many....WRONG.....

To my pleasant surprised we had more family members.
Vien's family, Lisa's and Madison and Adam came as well.

Uhhmmmm DAMMIT.... I wished I purchased more...
Let's begin with how men will be boys when it came to fireworks.
Dan had all his goodies in the living room and the fireworks I purchased were still in
my car since it was raining.
About 8 o clock Robert looks at me and says, "Thu, it's like Christmas exploded in the living room
(referencing the fireworks) and I'm the kid with no presents."
I was like huh?
So I brought the stuff in the house.
Upon looking at the his stash, he then said, "Ms. Nguyen, I hope I have big explosions like what Dan has..."
Boys will be boys...
Side bar:  Dan purchased a crap load of fireworks and he had some so huge that it would set off car alarms.

The rain only stopped when we were out of fireworks to pop. Go figure....
We played charades til midnight and we all called it quits after that.

Great evening...