Monday, November 25, 2013


You are loved and missed...

Asian Card

This is our official picture for 11/12/13

I threw in the Asian card about needing to get our lucky photo..for his day and so on and so forth.
The more I date him, the more I realize I am more Vietnamese proud than ever...
He doesn't need to know the fact that I totally made that up.
Well, not really, it's a lot about LUCK.

Cake Time

Even though he typically doesn't do birthdays, I wouldn't let him pass up on making a wish.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retro-Ghetto Cinderella

Oh the good memories that Uncle Hung captured for us all.
One huge question.
How did our parents deal with all of us kids, hanging out with one another? The age gaps and oh the fond memories I will always hold dear to my heart...

Mom & Dad

Here's The big difference between my Mom and Daddy...

 Dad is asleep on the massage chair...I ask for a photo, he opens up his eyes and smiles.

Mom, wide awake, watching Vietnamese tv...Loudly, may I add. Seeing that daddy poses with me..I go to her and say your turn mom...She pushes me away!  And says, di di...That's mother for ya

Sweet Amber

It's official...Amber will make it being a Longhorn....A lifer....
She has been accepted @ UT...
Way to go Amber and Congrats on being the Defensive Player of the Year...Back to Back...

Mi Familia

Through the years...
I was going through my pictures...

After Uncle Hung's passing, I realize how much pictures do really mean something to me.
It brings you right back to the happy days.

And yes, I do love my big family...Every last one of them!

I'm thinking we need to re-create this 1977 Chinese New Year photo ;-)

Oh the eighties hair!

This is probably the last siblings picture we have... I hope I am wrong but... We gotta try for another...