Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Table 19

Wasn't very far from them, when it comes to partying

Time Out Table

Better known as Table 18.....
I believe they were put in the corner of the reception because of their infectious laughter.

It was a great wedding party. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Love ya'll!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunny Fun

Watch Madison play one of her softball tournament this weekend. She played very well and I was able to stay for the whole tournament and Chi Trang even got me to go to church.(I am sure Lisa and Mel will think that is funny)

The Texas Mayhem won 2nd place for the tournament. I think that's DAMN awesome!

Insert my big cheesy grin...

Just wanted to share a little thank you note from Madison. It's just...so Maddie!

Co Thu!

Thank-you for coming to my tournament this weekend! You gave us luck!!!! Usually we lose. You made me look better than I actually am! I luv you!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I have never successfully planted a rose bush. Roses are intimidating because once planted, it's usually there for good. I didn't know if I would like the rose bush when it didn't have blooms. I also thought it took too much work. My supervisor convinced me she had the perfect rose bush for me. She says, "Give it water and just leave it alone." I did just that and....I have so many lovely blooms. I am glad I listened.

Welcome Dg. Watson

I love him...
A little after two weeks, I finally got to meet Watson.
I went to the foster mom's house and out he came running in my arms and kissed me over and over.
I just thought that was a good sign. He loved me ;-)

He reminded me of Penny a lot except Penny was  kinder.
Watson was originally named Cisco. Cute name, but I am not naming my child Cisco the Kid. Noooo.

If you watched the new BBC series of Sherlock Holmes. You will know two of the main characters that I just simply adore. Benedict (Sherlock) and Martin (Dr. Watson) are such a great team. They are both portrayed quite witty and smart. Just like my new puppy. Sherlock fits him a bit more, with his little neurotic side (freaking out on my neighbors and other big dogs) and his calm cleverness. I tried calling him Sherlock but it just didn't roll off the tongue. Watson, just felt right.

I was telling Mel that one of my other name choices was truly a better fit, Rufalo. Why Rufalo? Well, he played the Hulk in the Avengers and when Watson gets "angry" wooooo, I couldn't contain him.

Well, here's to many new memories and already tinkled on my rug when I wasn't watching...Errrrrrrrrr

Friday, May 4, 2012


My hair dresser irritates me sometimes...
She has gorgeous long sandy-blonde hair with soft curls in it. Viewed from the back, she could be a young 25 year old babe. But when she turns around, the illusion is gone. She's closer to my age (Like Voldomort, I shall not say the....age)
But that's not why she irritated me yesterday evening. I go in for my haircut, and yes, I only want her to do it. Not the other two girls (her daughters) who have an open seat.
So I wait and wait and wait. Even with an appointment (i hate that so much). Surely they saw it on my face. I was about to lose it (only in my mind, talking trash) then the girl before me said, "You can go before me."
What? I got lucky? Yes!
So I sit and wait for Letty to set up her tools and she looks at me and does this "Tsk tsk, your hair is so long.
Why do you not come more often?" So disapproving of me as if I am lazy or cheap. WHATEVER!!!!!

Uhmmm I would go more often if it wasn't a torturous wait for her. I mean sometimes I have to sit over an hour listening to novellas blaring on two televisions with an almost spanish speaking based clients. It's also a very small place.
Why don't I go somewhere else for a trim? I have tried many salons. She's just the first person who understands what a trim is, not five inches, not give me a totally new style, coming out with bangs when my fat face cannot handle bangs. I  go to her because she is the first hairdresser in the past decade that hasn't made me cry because they butchered my hair. So in three months, I will think about getting my hair cut again, and dreading the adventure....so then it eventually becomes another 3 months... Then I will have Letty's disapproving, "Tsk Tsk," all over again.

Picture is of another hairdresser place but hers is 95% the same....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Torchy Tacos....If I am not mistaken, it originated from Austin, TX. That's what eventually got me to try this place. Torchylocation took over Crostini's location. I loved Crostini, even though I don't think anyone every paid any attention to it. The chef/owner was Vietnamese and had such an exquisite menu. I think it was just bad marketing because he knew how to cook. Anyways, back to Torchy Tacos.

Was hungry and ready to eat. Prices are a bit high for a taco. It's between $3.25 to $4.00 for one taco. You will definitely need at least two tacos. In my case, I stopped with one. Not because it wasn't good...It was too good! I was afraid I was going to eat six tacos, so I literally had to eat one taco and get the hell out of dodge. If you don't mind paying the price for a average size taco, you will be pleasantly delighted with the mix-match flavors. The diablo hot sauce was awesome! I ordered a Dirty Sanchez Taco (because of the name) which consist of eggs ,carrots, and a fried pablano pepper. SO good! Doesn't sound good, but it was quite flavorful. I did ask for the diablo hot sauce instead of the ranch sauce it normally comes with.

The atmosphere is very casual and I sat out on the deck. Give it a try, if you don't mind the price. For a true meal, you will spend around $20.00 a person. Even though it was good, I felt like it was still missing something....Perhaps Austinites?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great weekend for bad food!

As if enchiladas had to have bacon in it with a perfect fried egg on top of it...FOR BREAKFAST...Well, there's this place in Houston that has just that...
O.M.G.   Yummy...but not good for a flat tummy.... There goes my eating healthy routine....tsk tsk...

I had to have an excuse to enjoy this beautiful windy weekend we had in Houston. I am already dreading the the pending doom of heat that is threatening all Houstonians in the near future...Ughhhhhhhhh

Continue to Hook em!

It was an Austin weekend. Starting Friday, I left the office early to catch Austin's last baseball game of his four year high school career. It was so nice that we got to hang out to celebrate with him.
Thanks for such a great baseball speech to the family. It was quite special!

I will quote Steve when he is so proud of ....
You usually can hear it from him, all loud and clear........"That's my Nephew! (niece/nephew)!!!!!!

Yup sir-ree, that's my awesome nephew too!
An extra thanks for making such great memories for us Austin and it means the world to me when you hugged and me thanked me for coming. I love this kid!!!!