Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Giving Tree

I was trying to play photographer and my subjects were kind enough to humor me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cookie Monster

After getting updated about what happened in trial today, I opened my fortune cookie.

Got two fortunes in one cookie. That's a great sign!

It just confirmed what I already knew, a well deserved vacation is in my near future.

Everybody's Changing

This has been the most hectic two weeks so far...
Ready for Independence Day to get a day off.
In trial against BP.
We need a good day in trial. Prayers.

Worried about potential hurricane. (will miss Houston this time)

Penny, she's getting more tired;-( Prayers

I am tired.
Feeling annoyed that I have to deal with daily Bullsh-t.

Then I read anh Vinh's wonderful update to the family:

Amanda walked away from us at around 8:30 in the morning, we+all the West Point parents tour the Academy and by 6:30pm all 1387 2014 new cadets march out with their uniform (male head shave, female hair up), no contacts, all that wear glasses have new glasses that all look the same(I guess they have them made in advance, they have to send in a complete health history/record 3 months earlier) anyway I have it on video, it was just amazing 10 hours earlier they all walked in as civilian and 10 hours later all of they already march together.

Pretty intense for family and the cadets.
I just think, what a huge friggin' commitment.
The guts in these kids who are making a difference.

I can't stop tearing up. (At the office, door closed)

My brother, his wife, how proud they are yet, I know it
probably hurts like hell to let her go. I can't find her in the oath
pictures taken yesterday.

I think, Amanda wearing those thick glasses, I know
how she said she would not like them. How
one friend said, "Oh the BCG ones?"
birth control glasses
It made me smile but the tears,
it's still there.

You know, I think, why am I crying?

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same

In the end, it's all good, right? It has to be.
Has to be...

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Verdict is IN...

The Good Wife. I fought hard against liking this show. I don't know why I like it, but I do. Hmmmm, could it be the dreamy Josh Charles???

First and foremost, I don't have cable. So it's a challenge to find something on the telly that is not jammed with bad laugh tracks.

It's kind of like a game for me, to find something to watch, the few little hours that I am at home. The winners on my list are re-runs of Fraiser and Cheers. It's still very good!

For newer shows, I think the Good Wife is getting higher marks on my list. I hated the idea that this woman stood by her cheating dumbass husband, when she was so publicly humilated by his adventures. I started to re-watched the show and I see such strength in her character. As an actress, it's a huge starring role to play. Put that aside, it is well written because (even as a scoffed at the tv) I re-evaluate and think, damn, would I be strong like her? Her high-profile friends left her side, her jerk-off husband is in jail (It's Big from SATC), and she has to go back to work at a new law firm as a Junior Associate, (she was a big time attorney before she married the DUMBASS CHEATER). Knowing that she will only be hired on if she out-bills another Junior Associate. That guy is a little ass-wipe but that's another blog. Then you get to meet her kids, not bratty and a new no-nonsense co-worker chick who becomes her only real friend. And the two partners of the firm, one lady (friend of Meryl who plays in Mamma Mia, C.Baranski) and a dude partner, Josh Charles OMG(Dead Poet's Society). He has a soft spot for her since they worked together when they were aspiring attorneys. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, he's the one that gave her this job. Another, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Then she gets even stronger (but not done in a cheesy fashion) and starts to open up her eyes. Realizing that she got a raw deal. She's pissed (loving this) and, and, and, hopefully she falls for Will (Josh). Hmmmmmmmm, getting good but then again, there's so many times that I just wished George Clooney would come in and swoop her off her feet (since they dated in the ER shows).

Could Will possible replace House for me? (I know I am a dork but...)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss Alley Cat

Alley was not happy with me and Penny. We got home and she stared me down for a whole hour. She did not like the idea of guarding the home, all by herself.

Driving Miss Daisy. No NO No. Driving Parents

I had to leave a little early for Mom and Dad. It was a sacrifice that I grudgingly (from the inside and out) volunteered to do. Since Everyone was having a lot of fun, I figure it made sense that I take them home to Houston, for CHURCH. Penny needed to be home as well, since I know this trip took a lot of energy out of her.

As I said my good byes, we packed up and went home.
Mom was jamming out to Lady Antebellum. I explained to her how Nic and Paulina jammed out to this song. She liked it. Mom also stated she wished I had a CD of the Carpenters. Damn it, I wished I did too. Will someone burn Mom a copy?

We got to to spend some quality time and it was nice. I needed some time alone with my parents. They were thankful I got them home safe and I was happy to do it afterall.

Yes, without them, how could I possible love my family??? They did give me the greatest gifts of all, siblings. Thank you Mommy and Daddy! Love you, even if I don't say it as much as I should.

Elvis Has Not Left The Building

After Midnight and we are all still up! I got this Elvis wig for "N" since "P" always gets to play dress up, so can "N"

Funny People

Happy smiles & Sillier faces. The Nguyen/Bertisan/Chamberlain have a problem keeping our expressions to ourselves.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adam the Athlete

He's cuter than Adam Sandler (Water Boy, Grown Ups) and more manly than Adam Ant and a lot younger than Adam and Eve. Yes, he's my nephew Adam!
Adam is Madison's older brother and I think he is so cool. I like it that he gets a long with his sis and loves to get his hugs when I do see him.

He's his own person, gentle yet strong and very sporty. He minds his manners but boys will be boys right? I can't seem to ever see him just sit. He's alway running and playing with Aaron or Madison.

My nearest future goal is to get pictures of him, by HIMSELF. Watch out Super Adam, Auntie is coming to chase you with her camera!

PS I hope you win your tournament in Nebraska! Go GO GO Adam!!!

I love the Navy, ARMY TOO!

I have always liked this picture. Deep down, this sailor and young girl just catches my attention, always has as a kid and even more as an adult.

Edith Shain, in this iconic photo, just passed away yesterday. Great kisser to the very end. Sad.

amanda is leaving for army, derek for navy...this will be interesting ;-)

OMG, This very special intern in my office spoke to Mr. Chambers who was the Captain on the Midway, when we were rescued. She got his address and confirmed it was him. She said he was very modest and said, he didn't do anything special, it was his Men and the good Vietnamese People...OMG!!!! So, now that I have his number and address, what do we do? He is a retired Admiral now.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lil Ladies

Lil Ladies who are very dear to my heart, Miss Lina (God-Daughter) and Melly Welly (baby sis). I just liked seeing them together. God knows what they were talking about...


My very own Bond girls. I love this picture!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Muscles Galore

"Nguyen-ing" it !

Just Because

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, how cute!

King of the WORLD

Isn't he a doll? David and I got to babysit him for about thirty minutes (he was taking a nap). His parents decided to go play in the lake with the raft. If Hayden should wake up, I was suppose to wave my USA Flag umbrella. That was their sign to come back.

He woke up, didn't cry but I waved the Flag. Parents saw me. Then all I saw was Michelle and Steve going in circles. hahahaha David took Hayden down by the lake to make it easier. He didn't cry, just looked at David (probably thinking, are you my dad? you look like him but...)

Maddy Waddy

This is one spunky kid. She's beautiful & very wise for her age. She loves to play with her boy cousins. Taught me about the "in" thing about the fun bracelets. Hmmmmm, for some lucky reason, I think she really takes a liking to me. She would make sure that Penny had dog food and I see how she graciuosly shares Daisy with her cousin P. However, I made the newest observation, she no longer protests the color PINK. Hint, she's wearing PINK!!! That would have never happen a year ago.

Karate Master Aaron

Sunday morning, I was reading outside on the balcony of the cabin and Aaron woke up to join me.
He's a kind hearted kid and very patient with his auntie, asking him a million questions. I asked him if he thought his dad looked like Jackie Chan. He gave me a look as if I was crazy! hahahah

I really enjoyed my one on one time with him. He told me how the new Karate Kid was good and acted out some of the scenes for me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauties


Hi Luke!

Strange as it may be, I didn't even get to hold Luke. Too many people wanting to hold him and the line was long! I am quite sure that Luke was reaching to me in this pic, to say, "Hey Co Thu, Hold ME!!!"

Thank you Lisa and Chi Trang for making this happen.