Friday, January 18, 2013

I "heart" Keane 2013

I see me in Houston...Where are you in Austin and San Diego?

This is Richard's photo that he took that night...By the way, I told you they love AUSTIN, TX...He took three pictures in Austin.

San Diego

Second Chance in Love

Meet Cooper...He was found starving and torn up to pieces in the Eastend of Houston, TX. He was used as a bait dog(in dog fights for $$$) and left in a vacant lot to die.
He was found a year ago and has not been adopted. He has been fortunate to be giving boarding from Barrio Dogs (which is an organization my boss is passionately into this pass year).

Another organization found him but didn't want to give him the medical treatment because they decided he wasn't adoptable but we didn't want to give up....So it's now LPM mission, a year later (well not the whole firm but...) to get him to get use to people and trusted enough to get him a forever home.

 Look at him now, he knows how to give so many sugary kisses and just wants to be loved....

BEWARE...He hates men in hats and will slobber you with his kisses. He thinks he is a lap dog. Flattens tennis balls within ten minutes. 
PS This is the same organization that saved Watson on February 22,2012. Now Watson is my baby..

New Year...

Holy Crap...Hong (The Nguyen's) updated their blog! Yay! Now that's a great resolution to keep up with!!!
hahahaha thanks !!!!!

Just to keep a log of what I did, I spent time with a friend...Just a friend for New Year Eve. It was nice, but I prefer hanging out with family popping fireworks and essentially doing nothing but making memories.
It was different this year, being all wet and all....

Next year, I'm doing the fireworks thing again. Rain or shine (unless we have a drought).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keane on Life

Lisa calls it a Coke High (After Concert Feeling)...
It's still there, I got it bad.... but I thought more rationally at 1 pm today, deciding that  I did not need to go to Austin tonight to see Keane. As Luck would have it, their official website is streaming it live tonight. Of course they would pick Austin. I hate it that all the artists deep down loves Austin more than Houston. But how can I blame them, I love Austin more than Houston.

Richard, the drummer has a blog and I got these pictures of his blog. He took these in San Diego.

What I find totally hilarious is that he made a reference to one of my favorite show, BREAKING BAD.
(His caption said, Watch out Walter & Jess)
It's a billboard of an exterminator... If you watch the show, you get it..Austin is the only one that has picked up on my suggestion and I think Steve...he is contemplating to watch it down the road...Just do it people. Aaron Paul is such a great character!

Now Chi Tram, do you recognize this Bail Bond place? He mentioned he was in the Bail Bond District?
And Lastly , I just thought it was kind of funny that he took a picture of our fire truck, one we take for granted, but probably a bit different for them, coming from England.


The only thing that would have made this night perfect, watching Keane in concert...Would to have had the experience with a brother or a sister. Makes it all so much nicer.

I did have a glorious emotionally spirited evening as Keane sung to me.

If all my nights cold be filled with pumped up adrenaline. Now I truly understand why meth users look for their next fix with such devastatingly vigor. It's the passion that pumps inside your veins that make you want more and more...In my case, it's the music that leads me to such a sense of worth and realization that I want to live...FOREVER...

(Yes- I made a poster...Everyone should, once in their lifetime...Made me feel younger and like a teeny booper. Why not ehhh? )

Tom saying that one of his wishes was to go to the Space Center but he missed out while the other guys got to get a tour of Mission Control. Then Richard piped in saying he was a little nervous since he never had Astronauts watch him play before.
Tom continued to say that the astronauts said they had the best jobs and how they were telling the astronauts, "No, you do..."

Tom saying what is going on with Houston? It's colder than England, like the Artic.

Probably my cheesiest smile ever...I couldn't stop smiling! See Tom in the background?

 I liked this album more than the last one.            

 This was as much fun as watching the Killers with my sisters and experiencing Tom Baily (Thompson Twins-my 1st concert) with Chi Ha, Chi Trang and Chi Tram. I was the little kiddo that tagged along...Thanks for the great memories....

Hindsight...I really should have gone without a date because there were so many Englishmen at the concert without a chick. Sure maybe half were gay...But the other half were like gumdrops in a candy jar... lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pictures 2012

Christmas 2012

(I have got to lose weight) AGAIN....BUT....

Such a great Christmas for me...
Had a great time going to Les Mis with the girls and trying to find my car in the cold...Loved having Luke stay over and do his booty dance for his auntie...Digging my new bracelet from Hayden and I made out with a lot of other goodies too...Thank you so very much everyone for continuing to complete my happiness!!!


No American New Year's Resolution...I figure I'll wait for the Chinese New Year to take this "healthy living" resolution...That way I don't fail twice....
Wish me luck guys and gals.