Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Somethings are better live, and this is one of them. None of the photos will do it justice.
I was very moved by this performance.
The stage is just a work of art and the artists should get paid Ga-zillion dollars.

I took the liberty of snagging some pictures off their site.

There's absolutely no pictures in this theater and they will throw you in the fire pit if you do snap them.

Walking in the auditorium, I felt like a Hobbit...

Angel of a Ballerina

Angelina my shining star! You make the Nutcracker all the more special for me!
Angelina danced with the famous Ekaterina Chtchelkanova. Ekaterina was in the movie Chicago. She was Hunyak, the one that was wrongly convicted and executed.
They both were so much fun to watch.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

And what a trip it was....

Pretty eventful and a lot of self indulgences on my part.

The hi-light of my trip was meeting Gordon Ramsay.
By the time I met him, I was not hungry and completely lost my appetite.
So it wasn't the best meal in the world, but no fault of the chef's.
I did get to see the winner of Hell's Kitchen, Christina. She was working the hot plates.
I didn't go get a picture with her, because ...well, who needs that when you have Gordon's?
As for the ambiance, it was loud and had a club feel to the restaurant. The male staff, 90% were drop dead gorgeous and the girls were all very thin and all in a black mini dress.

But if I didn't meet Gordon Ramsay, I would have to say going to my first Cirque du Soile show, Ka was the ultimate.  Front row seating. The stage and artists were simply breath taking with their skills. It was a beautiful story and I cried with my mouth open. Not a pretty sight of me but divinely beautiful to experience this in person.

Then I guess having Andrew Dice Clay pick on you would be most people's delight. But for me...It was nerve racking. The whole time I was thinking, please don't call me a bitch that is fat... So all I got was look at her boobs...I know why you brought her...I guess that was a whole lot better...Got off easy on that one!

Saw Dana Daniels, a comic magician and his sidekick Luigi the Parrot. He was a lot of fun and I got to meet him afterwards.

It was quite enjoyable and most likely, I won't ever have a hotel room large enough for a doorbell ever again, so I had to take a picture....

I love vacations and wished I did more! My last one was with Lisa and Mel to New York. Oh, I liked the atmosphere a lot better @ Ramsay's Maze than Steak...And I did try the foi gras again since I was devastatingly disgusted at Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles (not his fault either)...Bottom line, it taste a lot better since Ramsay's seared it but all in all  foi gras is not my cup of tea...No need to ever try it again.

I'll post more pics later. But the neon was the ceiling of Steak. It's how they prepare the Beef Wellington. (A little bragging, but he came down afterwards and asked me how the beef welllington was,,,,O.M. G!)The outside of the Steak Restaurant and me in front of his new Pub & Grill in The Caesar's hotel. That's where I stayed and stumbled across it.. Couldn't get in because I didn't have reservations. This photo was taken late at night the night before the Grand Opening.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Texans Game...So Close Yet So Far

I only been to one Texans game...About ten years ago...
Then I had the chance to see them this weekend...And I AM OUT OF TOWN...ERRRRR

Hope Vegas is worth it.....