Monday, January 16, 2012

Le New Diet?

I am not making this up. But the French has a new fad diet called, Le Forking.
Pretty simple, you can only eat things you can pick up with a fork.
But ahhhh, they don't know me, I can pick practically anything up with a fork and place it in my mouth.
Melissa was demonstrating the Le Forking....

"Fork" get about it!!! Not going to be success for moi!

Sweets for the Sweetie

Luke was getting a preview of his dessert for the evening. Uncle David asked him what was on his face, in which, there was no reply from Luke ....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hayden, the Photographer

Hayden's view of dinner, through his eyes.

David's Back!

David cooked Steve, Michelle, Hayden & myself a wonderful meal last night.

We decided to celebrate Zoe's Birthday as well last night.

Thanks to Michelle, David had an awesome kitchen to prepare our meal.
(More thanks for "making" us leave the mess behind!)

Beautiful evening but not enough time to watch the movie, THE WARRIOR, which David pretty much guarantees me that I would love. But I shall watch it soon enough.

Can't wait for Sunday, The Texan game with Dad and the family!