Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's BORING!

It started out with a BANG and I thought it totally fizzled! I do like Jimmy, and I don't think it was his fault. I just didn't really like any of the winners. I did like that the supporting actress who won for Good Wife but was very disappointed that HOUSE and Dexter didn't really win anything. And Conan,(love him) I was hoping he would win, but Jon Stewart isn't bad.... Boo hoo.

Did like that Modern Family won. Need to watch Mad Men. Hated that Kardashian girl, get her off my TV!!!

Thought January Jones dress was bad, but not as bad as everyone is saying. Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks wife) was in an awful dress. Didn't like Jewel's dress either.
My favorite dress of the night was worn by Claire Daines and Jennifer Carpenter. Who was your favorite ?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Molding for the Dining Room

It's almost done. I will have the molding and borders painted and put up by the week end. Yahoo!

Sweet and Sour

I thought I would be sweet and buy some Frozen Pickle Pops for Melly. I recall how much she loved them when she was watching Amanda's softball games. I was initially grossed out but not anymore.
Enjoy Melly!

Deadly Bones

I thought of Mel and Steve last night. Mel because she is a huge fan of Bones (TV Series) and Steve because of this particular episode. Bones was about a set of bones found in a park aquarium. It had sharks and other swimming critters and the objective was to find out how this guy died. They originally thought the person was killed by a hypordermic needle. But nooooooooo, it wasn't so. It was death by a LIONFISH!!! The same spiney-needles that stung STEVE!

I thought of how Steve was in so much pain. (And how Michelle was picking up laundry lol)The show was going on and on about how poisonous these type of fish were to human and so forth. Dang, I was thinking, Steve, what the heck were you thinking and the pain, oh the pain you were in...

Interesting fact I stumbled across. Lionfish has no natural predators except for us humans. Seems like they are wrecking havoc near the coral reefs because they are reproducing so rapidly. There is a website that promotes capturing the lionfish and cooking it. Says the meat is tasty. Weird huh?

As I was watching Bones, I was also painting half my bedroom. Color: Persuasion Blue (More like powder blue). The other half is not getting painted because I can't move the friggin furniture. Boo hoo.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Part 1 Chandelier Before

Well more like a lot of before's. I am back on track in getting supplies for the house. I am excited but, it's a lot of hard "hot" work. Hopefully the worst of the heat is over. Come on Autumn!!!
Did I ever tell you Autumn is my favorite time of the year? A little sad because the year is ending but so fresh because of the Fall breeze that flows through the city.

This is not completed but will go in my bedroom. Took a gold chandelier, not being used and tried to modernized it. Hope it works. Not finished, will post a pic once it is hung in the bedroom.

P.S. If you look around, you will see a lot of white boards, those will be the baseboard for my dining room. Hope it works, chose a thicker cut of wood. All of the wood had to have 4 coats of white paint.

I love this kiddo!

I am so in love with my lil LUKE. Except he's not little. I am told he is called He-Man @ his daycare. How cute is that?
Here's a pic of him with his lovely mommy at the lake and the other one is at early on Sunday morning(8 am), going for a jog with daddy.

I love the way he smells, I love the way he laughs and I love the way he blows kisses at me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tooth Fairy is Waiting

I think the Tooth Fairy is about to visit Madison anyday now...I hope she gives Madison a great surprise.

Madison is showing me how her tooth and move back and forth. Pretty awesome. It didn't hurt her at all!

Rooney Mara

She;s the actress that got the Lisbeth role... Sorry Emma Watson.

My Tough Guys

Adam and Aaron gave me this photo-shot. They wanted me to keep this picture for them until their senior year. To remind them how young and cute they were(are). I will too!

Funny Faces

Amber and I experienced the many funny faces by Luke. Co Melissa and Thomas were able to make Luke create the cutest funny faces. Here's Amber and Luke making the face for me !
I am hoping I can coax Luke to do the same funny smile when he takes his kindergarten pictures. That what crack me up!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Super LUKE!!!

Here's a picture of Luke eating Mom's Pho with the help of his daddy.
He was hun-gry!!! He helped Michael blow on the broth and then...gulp...

Here's a pic of Luke Signing "MORE" as he slid down the water slide. I think the water agrees with him. He's so happy!

Did I say how much I love this little critter??? I do!!!
PS Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

Magnificent Madison

I should say fearless. She was not afraid to jump off the diving board, into 12 feet of water. Thats pretty darn brave.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friggin Lisbeth

OMG...Just read that Emma Watson is in the running for Lisbeth. That's the lead for The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. That means she is going to be co-starring with Daniel Craig. This will be huge! The rumor states she chopped off her hair for the audition. Smart move, if there's truth in that! I think she could surprise everyone and pull it off.
I am currently reading the book, only after I saw the movie. It's true what they say, it's hard to put down. The Swedish version of this movie was very graphic and intense. I can only imagine what a bigger budget will do for this novel. Excitedly waiting.

Others in the running:
Natalie Portman-Turned down the role (Thank goodness-I like her but..NO!)
Carey Mulligan (Not a bad choice)
Scarlet Johansen (Never, not right!!)
Kristen Stewart (The director has worked with her previously-David (brother) said it might be a good choice...Hmmmmm)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Time

I went to Surfside this weekend, east of Galveston. It was scorching hot. The water felt great to get the sun off my back. The water was extra clear this week end.
But if you look closely, I was able to find some "BP" oil on the sand. It was disappointing. Then I kinda freaked out, thinking the oil was on me and I didn't even know it. Ughhhhhh

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Almost time for Dexter

One of my favorite show is starting up in September. The real life Dexter, Michael C. Hall is recovering from cancer and is thrilled to be back for season 5. One of the characters, Vince, (Asian dorky-funny blood splatter side kick) hopes that he doesn't discover Dexter's true Serial Killer background. Why?
C.S. Lee (Vince) doesn't want to be Dexter's victim, which means, he is out of a job.

I hope Vince does not get killed off the show. He makes everyone laugh with his quirky-perverted self.

(Pictured is Michael C. Hall and his wife Jennifer Carpenter) Jennifer is also in Dexter, she plays Dexter's sister. Weird huh?

Before and After

I love my new light fixture. I got it professionally
installed and once the switch was on, I fell in
love all over again.
It glows so daintily against the walls.
The picture does not capture it's
magical effect it has on me when I look at it.


I took some pictures of the lights on and off.
Also, my walls look bare, since, the painting I had did not
go with the new lights. I need to hang my mirror but need the right nails/anchor.
Yes, I ducked from the picture as I the mirror.
This room is quickly becoming my favorite room, even though the moldings are not
up yet. It feels fresh and lively.

Lisa sent me a picture of a sister "do-nut" light fixture she
came across yesterday. It was originally retailed for $1300.00.
I got mine for a huge bargain, which makes me love it even more.

Dobie Pride

Congrats go out to Amber!!!
She made Dobie's Freshman volleyball and swim team!
Hook em !

Monday, August 2, 2010



From Quails, lettuce wraps, fried shrimp, homemade cupcakes, to make your own ice cream sundae station.
The food at the party was just too good to not have seconds or thirds. Shhhhh