Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Time

I love the Houston Winter.
Not too cold and doesn't last long enough.
Best of all, my electric bill is small.
I have a modest house and the winter months, it's about $30.00.
Almost nothing, then summertime hits and I'm looking between $300 to
$400 a month. Oh how I dread the heat, more ways than one.

So let's get back to Springtime. A true spring in Houston is short lived, in my opinion. I think summer heat creeps up a bit too soon. But when it is Spring, I get a burst of color in my life. I get to see the
flowers come in bloom again, and replace the ones the heat slaughtered the year before.

I am in the process of taking care of my little green Hobbit door that is on my tree. That will be the next real project I will try to tackle. But in the meantime, it was off to Lowe's to pick up some mulch, soil and flowers.

Perks of being a single girl.
When shopping @ Lowe's you get all the workers willing to help you load up your cart, pull your cart and load your car.

Downside of singledom...
I have to unload all of this "crap" on my own.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ride'em Cowboy

I didn't get the coveted tickets to George Strait nor Bruno Mars.

Both were records breaking sales for Rodeo .2013

Instead, I got opening night with Toby Keith.      
Being a fan of his patriotism, it made it a nice consolation prize to
see him perform again.

(Sad note: two days after the concert his bass player died in a tragic car accident-hit by a drunk driver in OK)

It was the first night of the rodeo and boy was it cold and super windy. The rodeo committee ended up closing all the carnival rides for the night because some of the stands were being jeopardized by the gust of wind.

But I did manage to get my funnel cake before the closure...All is well.

Magically FUGLY

Did anyone see the movie The Call?

After seeing the Halle Berry and Abigail Breislin do the talk show circuits, I made up my mind that I was going to see the movie. It wasn't as good as Taken, but who is going to be better than Liam?

Well, Halle Berry was not bad at all in this flick and that girl Abigail can act quite well. About a 911 caller (Berry) getting a call from a kidnapped girl (Abigail). This was a 3pm show and most of the people were forty and sixty year old on a Friday. Funny that the women @ the theatre were screaming instructions towards the kidnapped girl on movie screen. Yes, it did happen..It made it all the more entertaining for me.

Not to give anything away...By the time the movie was over, everyone kinda looked at each other and just laughed... and laughed...It took me for a roller coaster and at the end, laughter was the best medicine.If you can resist tearing the movie apart with questions of "Why this & why not that...."You should go see it.

Of course, I have two major gripes about this movie...Can Halle Berry's hair be anymore distracting? It was just awful!

And I just didn't need to see Little Miss Sunshine in her bra....

In keeping with Little Miss Sunshine....I saw another movie, Double Feature,
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone with Steve Carrell & Alan Arkin...
Interesting enough were both in Little Miss Sunshine (About to blog about this next time).

This movie is like the Anchorman for Magicians. I enjoyed poking fun of the Vegas magicians. Example Chris Angel is Mind Freak, and in this movie Jim Carrey is the Steve Gray-Brain Rapist...
I don't know why that cracks me up, but it does.
It is such a stupid silly movie, that it's fun enough to watch. It's as if Michael Scott became a magician, makes oodles of mistakes but somehow finds his way to your heart to overlook his stupidity and give him another chance.  Plus, if you like Steve Bucesmi (Bad teeth dude from Reservoir Dogs), you should give it a chance. Just a silly movie on a lazy day.

Hollywood formatted that these movies are, I did laugh out loud , numerous times.So I guess I have to say, give it a try.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't know how parents do it with multiple children. So many activities, I guess the only way you can do it is divide and conquer. Two weekends ago, freezing as it was, Adam had a tournament on the south side of Houston, which meant, I could spend some quality time watching them play.

This is a picture of Madison's socks. She does not like them.  No one on the team likes the socks except the coach. Of course the coach is a man and also the one who picked it out for the team. So what does Co Thu tell Madison? I said, " Oh no Madison, they are adorable, just like a peppermint stick."  INSERT FOOT... Chi Trang was laughing and shaking her head, trying to stop me but I said too loud and fast. (Of course, it would be me) That was Madison's whole point... She just turned 10 and was telling me that these socks were for more like 8 yr olds. Ahhhh, yes, the crisis of a ten year old being mistaken for an eight year old...I get it now....
This is Adam taking a break on the slides and having one on one time with me...He is such a sweetheart. Chi Trang and Anh Vinny were resting in the cars while we were just hanging. Adam tells me, he likes the idea of growing up and loved the idea that he no longer goes to the same school with his mom. I was a little shocked he said that, and happy I dared asked the question, "Why Adam?" To which he replied, "So many eyes watching you and telling on me to my mom." Of course I said, but I never hear your mom say anything bad about you. Adam says, "She just smiles at the teacher but doesn't get mad at me. But I don't like it that they think the got me introuble."
Cool Mom, you got there Adam.

These two really do watch out for one another. This year, their teams are the same color and the both have practically the same #.
Of course, Adam doesn't have those socks..Thank Heaven...

Sweet Lennox

While Steve's family went on a vacation with Lisa's family, I got to watch Lennox for the weekend.
Lennox in the back seat of my car.

Watson and Allie observing Lennox and I on the floor, playing. They were very curious of Lennox and felt that they should gang up on Lennox.

I ended up on the sofa that night because my bed was too high for Lennox to get on. Watson watching Lennox lay on Allie's chair and Allie.....

Allie watching over all of us in her new position.

All in all, it was fun to have Lennox stay over.He did have this look that he couldn't be on the sofa, which, ultimately, I had all three of them in various parts of the sofa. All was happy, especially me.