Friday, December 11, 2015

Return of The Jedi

We watched with the boys. (Jabba The Hut is just gross !)
I am liking it that the boys really wanted to do movie night on a Thursday at my house.

It's a big deal because that meant that these boys actually did their homework on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead of waiting for Thursday to do a weeks worth.
I was very proud of Cameron for taking the initiative since he is dyslexic and reading is a BITCH to do.
Once you are diagnosed with dyslexia, the school gives you less spelling words and other considerations to help with homework.

As for Holden, he wasn't too interested in the Return of the Jedi except for the fact he was playing his Star Wars Legos while watching until the Ewoks came on. He loved the Ewoks!

This is Holden's drawing of Jabba The Hut with a purple Princess Leia on a leash. You can see on the left is Luke Skywalker with his green light saber and Han Solo on top trying to help. I love the artwork of young children.

It was a nice evening letting boys chill and Robert got to snooze a little.

Wow, I like Darth Vader but I am embarrass to say, I always thought it was DARK Vadar.  ooppss

And I thought I was a fan.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amanda Bynes

It's only funny if you know the back story. Years and years ago, Melissa and I were talking about how I didn't know who Amanda Bynes was other than an actress. Chi Trang, sitting near by was appalled, "You don't know Amanda Bynes?"  Just the way she said it. As if she was Lady Diana or Madonna. 
Well, I ended up watching the movie, What a Girl Wants and thought it was a fun, sweet & cheesy movie. One which I liked and own on DVD.

Fast forward maybe seven years....
November 2015
I got to do the same thing to Robert....You don't know Amanda Bynes (mimicking chi Trang)
Made him watch what a Girl wants, the day after Thanksgiving at mom's.  Hahaha
I guess it's funnier if you were there.

Tree Trimming

The boys' mother sent me a picture of the boys decorating their tree.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Maximus' Party was a Smash Hit

My random pics for the night.

It was so nice to see and spend time with the extended family.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just Because . . .

I like this picture of Holden and I all bundled up watching Cameron play a late COLD game of soccer.
 Recent picture of just us...

More birthdays

and another day to celebrate


I absolutely love that he does bike time with his boys, like his dad did with him.

Festive Time

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Block Party

If you are not a member of the Museum of Natural Science, it would cost you $20 per person to go see the Block Party exhibit. That is too much money. Being a member you pay $5 a person. I still think it was too much considering it was 8 tables of Legos (actually they weren't even the brand Legos).

Although we enjoyed our creations, I didn't think it was worthy of an exhibit.
I was proud of my Santa creation.  Probably not the wiser parenting for us to let them make guns...

Can't wait for the Robot exhibit.

Went back the following week with Mel and Dan to see Spies and Traitors exhibit. Regular price $20
Member price $12.  NOT worth it either.