Monday, May 24, 2010

"Sweet P" Made my day!

I got a thank you card fron Paulina. Ahhhhhh !!! Tak you Paulina! Tak you, Tak YOU!

Proud Auntie, That's Me!

Just got Amanda's senior graduation invitation. I am so happy to have this girl as a family member. If I go into details, I am going to cry, so I...Too late, tears are falling. Oh but they are joyous tears. This little rug-rat is the reason to many of my smiles. Gee, now she is making me sad too, it's true, it's hard to let them grow up. I don't know how her parents are going to cope because I get all emotional when I think of her, example: Her fifth birthday party at Chi Trang's house, playing Power Rangers, (pink ranger to be exact) and her 8th grade prom. SO many good memories. You go Amanda, you are so loved!

Obivious Reason why Thomas is Wonderful #6

(See Mel's Blog) I rasied my foot to get a massage. Penny and Alley looked at me as if I am CRAZY. Oh yeah, I had to cook my own frozen dinner too!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beautiful Penny

I love Miss Penny!!!

Lisa's Closet

Lisa is a shopaholic. I am convinced. However, I am not complaining either. I get her shoes ;-)
Since I can't fit her dresses, I gave it away. Here's Amber and Danielle modeling some of Lisa's, "I must clean out my closet clothes..." Thankx Lisa, keep shopping!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fresh !

I am more my mother than I thought. Did I really just say that??? It must be so because I love my garden. The tomatoes, not grown from a seed but I have been able to get enough for about four salads. These little daisy/gerber looking flowers are from the packet of seeds. But my favorite are the sweet basils. Lisa and Mel were with me when I found it on clearance at Target. Got it for a quarter. Now, it's plentiful. It is perfect for my homemade spring rolls. Yum.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Bling

I fell in love with this ring. It was so fun. What was I going to do with it??? I remember as a kid, I loved to go to this one dentist (he was awful) who had a little toy box to pick from after you finished your time in "hell". So, I had to get it for someone...but who? Ahhh, Sweet "P". I didn't tell chi Tram first... because it was such an outrageous ring. I was pretty lucky, because P did like it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Penny Luv

This is Penny sitting in my back seat. She's taking a ride with me to the Vet. Penny looks forward to the bi-weekly Vet trips. I am convince she knows she will feel better. Today's experience made me sad because she looked so tired and she wasn't all happy to see me when I went to pick her up. Normally she's all perky and tail is wagging. Penny just looked at me and waited for me to pay....The girls @ the vet loves Penny. They always make it a point to let me know how good she is when she waits for me to pick her up. Everytime they walk by, she popps up her head hoping that it is time for her to go home. Yup, that's sweet-smart Penny!
Onced I checked out, we walked to the car and I gave her little "thit" I saved from my lunch at Pho Mai. Penny gulped down her food and was back in business, tail wagged. I believed she smiled at me too. Thank GOD!

LeT's EAt CAkE

Amanda went with me to the bakery for the "Mothers' Day Cake." The bakery girl was so proud to show me the cake. As she opened it, I saw a huge "CONGRATULATIONS" written over the Mothers' day cake. Good Gracious, it took Amanda everything to not laugh in the poor girls face. Me? Well, I asked her to fix it. Surely I had a horrified look because the girl looked worried, rightfully so. Believe it or not I expected a goof up. I really did. Once we bantered back and forth, I was able to suggest to her how to correct the cake.... Never the less, it was fixed and it was pretty. Mom said it tastes good too! Sorry, no pic.

Bling Bling

This Saturday, I had a mission to get Amanda to the boutique to pick out jewelry for Prom. We had to get her back in time for her Softball Banquet that same night. Parents couldn't take her because it was also Amber's 8th grade Dance. I was the lucky one to shop and here are the pieces Amanda ended up with, a headband and Oscar type earrings. It sparkles more than the picture depicts. Prom is next Saturday.

Friday, May 7, 2010


It's the Play-Offs and Amanda (my super-duper niece) is up at bat. She hits the ball and it's a base hit. (Over-joyed, like a typical asian family member....I snapped a picture , perhaps two... Lordy , Lordy, Amanda makes it to second base and then..."Blue" (a.k.a The Ump) walks over to me and informs me that parents on the other side, complained of my flash...OOOppppsss. Ultimately, Amanda scores one for the team but alas, no photo to show for it. You gotta just trust me... It was a fun and most of all Grandpa Vy was there and he was PROUD!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Always Sunny in...

I love the show "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" sooo much. It's so off the charts. It is raunchy yet one of the few shows that has me laughing out loud hysterically.
Just Found out that Mac and Dee are really having a baby. How "Sweet-Dee" is that?!?*!*$!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Austin Bound

This past Sunday was awesome. (I think I use the word AWESOME too much)
I got to hang out with Mr. Luke.
He let me hold him for hours while Lisa, Mike and crew moved their belongings into their charming-new home(luv the red door & backyard). Let me tell you, I made out like a bandit. Her purging her old things got me a lot of cool things. Thankx.
Then they treated us all out to probably one of the best crawfish dinner ever! That says a lot because who would think AUSTIN having AWESOME crawfish. De-lish...
Hated to go home but I got to kiss Luke-ster a whole bunch. Note to self, holding a one year old child for hours will make your arms sore.