Friday, June 25, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy. No NO No. Driving Parents

I had to leave a little early for Mom and Dad. It was a sacrifice that I grudgingly (from the inside and out) volunteered to do. Since Everyone was having a lot of fun, I figure it made sense that I take them home to Houston, for CHURCH. Penny needed to be home as well, since I know this trip took a lot of energy out of her.

As I said my good byes, we packed up and went home.
Mom was jamming out to Lady Antebellum. I explained to her how Nic and Paulina jammed out to this song. She liked it. Mom also stated she wished I had a CD of the Carpenters. Damn it, I wished I did too. Will someone burn Mom a copy?

We got to to spend some quality time and it was nice. I needed some time alone with my parents. They were thankful I got them home safe and I was happy to do it afterall.

Yes, without them, how could I possible love my family??? They did give me the greatest gifts of all, siblings. Thank you Mommy and Daddy! Love you, even if I don't say it as much as I should.

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  1. Mom does have the Carpenters cd at home :) I guess she just needs to learn to bring it EVERYWHERE WITH HER! haha... thanks again for taking one for the team, Chi Thu!