Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Five

Updating my new top five for 2013  JUST FOR FUN

#5 2nd year on the list
Tom Hardy

#4 Luke Evans  New to my list (Doesn't he look like the tougher Orlando Bloom)
#3 Benedict Cumberbatch  New to my list
#2 Daniel Craig (holding strong)

And the Ever faithful Viggo Mortenson #1 (Been my guy forever and a day)

Hugh Jackman & David Beckham went off the list for two younger chaps.
Gosh, if I was a guy, I would so be called shallow, but it's just for fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

What's your list? 



Sometimes in life you go your own way and lose track of your friends.
What a difference 13 years make in a friendship.
But if the friendship is real, it's as if you didn't skip a beat and you just enjoy being a friend again.
Well, Deanna and I are like two peas in a pod. Put us together and we laugh too loud and wake up the neighbors.
Since she moved and did various different things with her life, and I with mine. You just kinda lose track of one another. Unitl, one unproductive day, I was Facebook stalking and finally found her.
Reuniting with my dear friend means the world to me. We still laugh louder than our other friends and many mutual friends think that our friendship is  mismatched.
What do they know ehhh?
She walked me through a bad break up back in 2001/2002 when I needed to give my family a break with my woo-is me, boo-hoo-ings. Funny how I can laugh at it now. She totally was that voice that reminded me that no one knows you, more than you know yourself. She helped me find my laughter again and that's means the world to me.
She is going through changes in her life now, so here's hoping I can return the favor and remind her that if the sun ain't shining, make it shine yourself.... (She has the heaviest southern twang)