Monday, November 26, 2012


In early October I got a two tickets to Madonna. It was a great concert but she didnt' sing any of her older songs...

Lucky Star
True Blue
Crazy for You
Into the Groove

Express Yourself
Like a Prayer
Open your Heart
And a horrible slow weird version of Like A Virgin

And a lot of newer stuff...

That woman has an awesome body, and yes, she did pull down her pants to show off her immaculate ass.


Dear Santa...Christmas is Coming!!!

Taking things very serious with making the wish list....And Watson's first Christmas! 2012

I do love him

Yes I do...Saw Skyfall 3 times @ the cinema within 7 days..That's a personal record for me.

The only other movie I saw three times in a theater was Steel Magnolias and Pulp Fiction. (It was not within 7 days either)

Fully-Frilly Thankful

Yay, it's just another spectacular THANKSGIVING weekend...

I tell ya, family and an abundant of good food is what makes me happy...

This is a sign that Christmas season will be AWESOME!

Missed my Chi Tram's family and David & Zoe...

Other than that....Gobble gobble!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Honored in Christ

It was a very special honor that I was asked to be Amber's Sponsor for her confirmation this Saturday.
2.5 hours later, she was confirmed and off to Kim Son we went to stuff our faces. I then had to make an early exit to make it to my second Bond viewing.

Renaissance Festival

My Lords & My Ladies....
If you have time to go to the Renaissance Festival, I surely will tell you to do it.
They have real restrooms and they take credit cards...
I was thinking it was an extravagant carnival, but I was mistaken.
Everything is well done and free shows (tipping is encourage, bring a lot of ones)
and lots of food and plenty of psycho, fairies, warlords, dwarves, and star wars (yup) people everywhere.People watching was the highlight for me.
If you are in the spirit, dress up, if not it's ok too. Pretty much there are some rides and a lot of random food with BEER!
I think it is great family time, but it's not cheap...
In honor of THE HOBBIT, coming out in theatres soon, I wished I was dressed as a Hobbit...
Although my picture looks shitty, this particular German restaurant made me think it was Bilbo Baggins hang out.
PS It's not too far from where Madison & Adam's home...

Twice The Fun

Yes I saw it back to back....

Skyfall is an excellent classy Bond movie. I loved the ending.
I did ruin Batman for Steve and Michelle. I was telling them how
pleasantly surprised I was with the ending of Bond, just like in Batman when we found out the ending that....blah blah blah was blah blah blah and blah blah didnt blah blah....
SERIOUSLY, I saw Hong's face...Yeah...they both haven't seen BATMAN yet...Seriously???
Ooppsss I did it again!

Anyways, for Skyfall, if you are remotely interested, PLEASE watch it! If you like spy movies and know nothing about James Bond, it will still be entertaining, but not as fabulous as I think it is...
In addition, I just loved the way Adele sang Skyfall...Lovely Adele, lovely...
I loved the casting of this movie...Javier Bardem, you may have stole the movie, but the two girls did a great job as well...Let's not forget Ralph Fiennes...(although I kept seeing Voldemort in him)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brotherly Bond

David and I got to be roomies for a short part of our lives.
It's one of the better special moments in my life...
So that gave him time to learn about my crushes, quirks among other things....

We saw Bond! Very classy and fun. I liked it.

OMG, I just saw Casino Royale with my new guy...He secretly liked it...Anyways it was to prepare for this SKYFALL.
I am jealous that you saw it already and sooooo excited !!

It seems as if all of Hanoi saw students, workmates, etc. You'll like it; you'll like Javier Bardem too.

When did it come out in US and why haven't you seen it?

WHY HAVEN'T I seen IT?????? WHY WHY WHY?????
How is it that VIETNAM gets James Bond before the USA? NOOOO FREAKING Fair!!!