Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bernard Sumner

Did you watch New Order on Jimmy Kimmel last night?
What was that dancing with  the "hands" all about? Drove me bonkers?
His voice is still velvet to me but I think he is better singing with his guitar and NO dancing.

Oh how I had a crush on you...I'm just going to pretend it's the 90's again.

Oh No..No Bruno

First I thought he was a punk who was on the pop wagon.
I didn't even give him a chance until I saw him @ the Grammy's in 2011.
I loved his live performance and I have been hooked ever since.

I enjoyed his dance moves and really like his songs once I took away my tunnel vision of hating him.

So, I couldn't get concert tickets when he came to the rodeo. Sold OUT!
Really, the rodeo? He broke the Houston Livestock record of attendance, but it was short-lived.
George Strait holds that record but I still think that's by default, hello, it's the rodeo, I
guess Strait should hold the record get my drift.

Ok, so I didn't sweat it, since I found out he's coming to Houston for a real show.
Yup you guessed it...SOLD THE FRIGGIN OUT!

I guessed I would have tried harder if I had a crushed on him, but alas, I don't.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Double Header

I couldn't make it to Madison's 7 games within two days but her new team won third place in the tournament. Yay Madison!

This weekend was also Angelina's Suessical performance. It was a delightful show filled her six costume changes for Lina. She not only was the ballerina, but she sang dance and tapped her ways to our hearts.

It was as if I saw a mini Melissa on stage just dancing and singing her heart out on stage.
This is something that I wished I had Luke and Hayden. The kids who attended were just loving The Cat in The Hat.
I just wished the tickets were cheaper...$35.00 is a lot of moo-lah!

Bravo my little ladies ;-)