Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Concert

Lisa wants to know if I remember my 1st concert. I hope this is correct.

It was Berlin opening for Thompson Twins @ The Music Hall in Downtown Houston. (doesn't exist anymore)

I think I was in 6th grade and I went with Chi Trang, Chi Ha & Chi Tram. (mid 80's perhaps)
The worst part of it was getting a drive for the concert
If I am correct, Co Huong or Chi Nga drove us.

First time I ever smelled Mary Jane. Wowsers...What the hell was that about?

It was so cool because it was a small venue (smaller than the Verizon theatre near Hard Rock) so we were pretty close.

That's when I feel in love with Tom Bailey.

Funny, I was @ the New Order concert with Sylvia. Why didn't I take you guys?

As for great concerts, let's see...
U2 Joshua Tree tour @ The Summit April 7. 1987 (Chi Tram and Chi Ha has a great Austin story on this concert)
Saw Paul McCartney @ the Astrodome back in April 22, 1993
Pet Shop Boys Southern Star Amphitheater March 20, 1991 amazing!!!
The Killers with my siblings (twice) but the Verizon one was extra fun!

Concerts that I didn't appreciate
Hillary Duff...Kinda saw it on tv while Mel, Bella & Amber saw it.
Nsync..Took Katie & Mel...It was nice to see them happy...
The Cure in the Woodlands, sooooooo disappointed, just an awful show.

Concerts I wished I went to but didn't....
Hall & Oats
Duran Duran
Madonna (when she was a chubby slut) not the pseudo english man whore

Funny how mom let me go to soooooooo many concerts...A lot!

Cover Me

Adele and Darius Rucker singing, "I need you now" @ the CMT awards
What a great voice Adele has...

Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok, I am a liar. I will mention the people I didn't like.

Ostrich meets Seal...No!!

Gweneth....FUGLY. Get over yourself.

Julieann Margulis, I love your acting but the bodice on this dress did not work for me.

Just can't stand Katie Holmes (talks from the side of her mouth). Can't stand her so much that I can't even think she looks pretty in this blue dress.(did not post her picture. that's how much you creep me out)

De La Paz Huerta chick (or what ever you name is) this is not the MTV awards.

These two young girls...Not working the outfits.


Okay, these ladies are such great sports. What a clever way to make things interesting.
I love Tina Fey! Everyone of these ladies deserved to win...

Well Done


As for the disasters of the evening. I just didn't want to acknowledge the stars who I do not like with the hideous or wannabe outfits.


I liked these couple.


Enough already with your EFFING boobs...uggggg


The only 2 prom dress that I ACTUALLY liked.
She's fun and young enough to pull it off.


No, not about Mad Men (haven't seen any of it YET...)

Annoyed that Steve Carrell, never got an Emmy.
Can you say JEALOUSY???
He made us all wince and laugh...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I absolutely love the new version of True Grit. I didn't want to see it @ the movies and boy, do I wished I saw it on big screen. I never thought I was much of a Jeff Bridges fan, first being introduced to him by cousin Cathy, the movie Star Man and then loving the Big Lebowski...Well I thought why not give True Grit a try, hell, Matt Damon was in it. Couldn't be that much of a waste of time...And it wasn't.

The dialogue was great and the onscreen chemistry was very entertaining. I then rented John Wayne's original version. Again, the dialogue was very similar and of course John Wayne is...well...John Wayne.
I muddle through the movie because I thought it was pretty cool to see the young versions of Dennis Hopper, Robert Duvall and Glen Campbell.
I just wished that the new version had the original versions ending.

The original ending was a bit sweeter and tugged on my heart a bit more.

Spoiler ALERT****************

The new version with Jeff Bridges dying in the end...Nahhhhhhhh
Didn't like it but he was definitely gritty than John Wayne (was that sacrilegious to say?) The lil girl who got older and "unattractive..." ewwwww

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today is my fortieth B-DAY.
How did this happen?
I don't know...

I have dreaded this whole ordeal with the big 4-0 but then all of a sudden two days ago, I get this b-day card teasing me about turning 40 and well...It was ok. No biggie...
I am sitting here at my desk, pretending not to know that they are decorating and giving me a b-day lunch. I am so hungry already...
It's hard to surprise someone who normally throws the b-day parties for her crew.

Here's my b-day flowers to forever enjoy. Yeah!!!

This morning, I go to my office
and there was a whoopie cushion on my chair.
Uhmmm I am 40, who needs help in that department anymore.... As IF... hee hee

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I "Heart" mums?

It's that homecoming time of the year for high school and her parents let me have the honor of making Bella's mum. Normally Lisa has always helped me but I couldn't make it to Austin this time around. (Short notice)
Her little bear also had a mum.
Here is the product approximately 90% completed. (Had camera issues (dying battery).

Was strange not to make a Dobie colored mum but this is definitely a first (color theme) for me. Also a fist was how I had looped each ribbon to make it 3D to place her name. (at picture time, I didn't purchase the sticker letters just yet)