Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Fun Part 1

Military Ball

Playing dress up with her aunts.

This is the dress she will be wearing after she gives the Benediction for the Military Ball this year.

Wow, this is her last year of college. Time flies.

Stole pics from Anh Vinh...

Merry Christmas

First year that I printed out cards for Christmas.
The one thing I noticed is that my card, advertised for the company I ordered from. I do not like that.
I noticed the cards I got, had no advertisement on theirs. Must make a note of that for next years.

Friday, December 13, 2013


This is fairly new, at least to me. Mom found our old school pictures and started cutting us up. I told mom she forgot Melly.

I haven't seen this Kindergarten picture of me without all the pencil marks that me and
Steve would draw on one another when we were young.

ONE of the few pictures I didn't smile so big.

Hey I wore bangs when I was young... Don't quite remember that.

I told mom Wednesday night for the first time about Rob.
She was very sweet about it. Within four minutes, she made sure there was no old pictures of a former beau.
There was one...And BAM, she got her scissors out and the picture looks just like the picture above, just the outline of me...
It was a bit weird to see it happening and I told her she didn't have to do it. She was like, tut tut, No, this is the right thing to do.


Thanks Mom ...She's pretty sweet in her own kind of way and well, when..... I'm not trying to fight her on everything.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I rarely wear pants/jeans to work.
The one Friday that I did...I went to the girls room, remembered that the phone was in my back pocket.
Took it out and threw the phone in the toilet.
Yup, I stood there, screaming as if something bit me. But it's my fault.

The whole rice thing does kinda sorta work...
It worked enough to turn on the apple symbol but nothing else.

Anyways I'm getting another one. The assistant manager of one of the Sprint store told me to wait next week and he will give me a "pretend" hook up...
Whatever, if it means I do not have to pay $500 for a new phone (my contract is not up for renewal until May and I do not have insurance)

I want a new phone, that's quite different from just a year ago, when I did not want to let go of my flip phone.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sound of Music

It''s tonight.
That's one of my all time favorite movie/musical.

Carrie Underwood is doing the Live version with that Sookie Vampire lover guy...

Anyways, went to HEB to buy stuff for tonight so I can watch it...

And then I noticed that Houston is finally looking like we are having an Autumn.

Then I thought about Lisa & Mike and how they miss HEB...
So this one's for ya'll...


Well well well...

I got to spend quality time with the kids and had a little time to catch up with my sisters and brothers.

It was something I much needed!

I rather like San Diego. Wished I had a job there.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Movies in General

I do not do scary movies.
Why, cuz I live alone..Who wants to deal with the darkness alone? Not I..
Well, let me rephrase this..I want o deal with the dark..alone, no need for intruders to lurk behind the curtains and thinkgs to rattle for no reason.
There's a huge reason why I do not have a toy monkey playing with symbols or dolls in the house.
Nope, don;t need nothing to cone alive except for my LOTR action toy figure of Aragon. He can save me.

So knowing my silly quirks, why am I actually letting R recite things from Silence of The Lamb in that awful Hannabil voice? Or tell me about The Omen?
Uhhmmm, I am not friends with anyone with a child name Damien. There's a reason for that. SCARY!!!

Anyways, so why am I listening to him about some of the movie choices?
Even David, whom I trust with movie choices, I will not watch some of the things he wants me to see...cause it's scary! & called.... SLEEPING ALONE!

We agree on things but disagree on things as well...
He insisted that I watch The Graduate. Even went as far as saying it has a great soundtrack and a comedy.
So I watched it over the THANKSGIVING holiday...

Simon and Garfunkel is KILL ME MUSIC...and I wanted Dustin Hoffman to be happy and I just didn't get it. I totally felt like Zooey Deschanel (Summer)in 500 Days of Summer...She hated it too. That was actually how the subject came up because I was asking R, why does Summer act like that at the end of the movie and why Tom he loves The Graduate movie so much? And R was like..."Whattttttttttttttttt, you never seen the movie?"  I have seen enough of the Carl's burger ad and other play on satires to know about the iconic leg seducing scene with Mrs. Robinson (cougar) but that was about it. Anyways, it would have been a better movie had I not seen it.
It must be a guy movie, Yeah and I made him apologize in person too...I HATE THAT CRAPPY movie. I understand why Summer hated it. It's not about love conquers's just twisted love. OMG ..Does that make me a bitch like Summer? oh dear me....

It's about a slut of a mother and dreary parents who do not listen to their son, type of movie with a young college girl making another mistake by running off with the dude who YES...slept with your MOTHER!

Anyways, something good came out of this...

R is going to start watching HARRY POTTER... I am dating a Harry POTTER virgin. DO you know how exciting this is?
I mean, if it wasn't for Mel, Lisa, Mike and even David@ one point, I would have never read this and missed out...He's not reading the book, but he will watch it..I'm hoping I can influence his older son to like it too...Fingers crossed. I even rememebr begging all of them, and even trying to call KATIE to let me know what happens...I think I was reading the Half Blood Prince and they were all reading the deathly Hallows...Ya'll wouldn't tell me crap! Hate ya'll...  SPOLIER ALERT!!!! I hate ya'll for not telling me about SNAPE...

Anyways, he is so getting the dvd for christmas..
I'm not lending him mine. He tells me there's a station that plays it all the time.But i want him to see it on blu ray...Right guys?

As for something we have in common...We both have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves...I was always afraid and NEVER finished watching Constantine...But he insisted that it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be...So, we made a deal..He tells me the ending, and I will watch it. I am glad I did. It's not a bad movie.
But I am a sucker for Keanu and Matt Damon anyways... And that Fracking movie isn;t bad at all...Cause now I think if cousin Jon stuck in Odessa...That still cracks me up...

Turkey Day

I ate PIE...
Then I ate the whole pie.
My parents did not want me to bring that pie home. But it was a $30 pie...I was not going to waste it.
Now, I am ten lbs heavier...Just because I didnt let that delicious cream banana pie not go to waste.

Jesus, it was a great Thanksgiving Day.

I wished more family was there, but it was fruitful and filled with laughter.

Can't wait til Christmas.


Melly cleverly decided to play boggle with these ornaments and spelled out WART...
Thomas did too...LOL

Now, Rob also has two puppies as well... Chaucer and Agatha.

If Chi Ha reads this, she will figure out Agatha is named after no other...Agatha Christie...
That was one of Chi Ha's or Chi Nga's influences on me when I was younger.
He was quite shocked that I even knew who Agatha Christie was...Duhhhhhhh...hahahha

So I need to find another A & C

We also thought about moving in together one day down the road.
That's going to be three dogs and a very particular cat...
The home is already full.
And I thought about getting another dog? Better wait...

Wattie -Watson

I know, at the first impression, he may seem like the typical yappy dog... But he isn't. He's such a good lil boy. He is always ready to put on a show and loves you more than you could know, especially if you have food in your hands. Since it's winter time, he gets to snuggle up with me once again at bedtime. But it's more like his two girlfriends are no longer around to play with him, and I can tell he misses the companionship.

However, now that it's Allie and him again, they seem to really like their friendship time as well. They really are friends. I like that a lot.

As for Lisa giving Watson this camper type doggie tent...Watson loves it. I put a blanket in there and he treats it as his room. He no longer whimpers when I leave the house in the morning, since it's just him and Allie Cat. Plus, he loves all of Indie's toys..Most of them is scattered in the backyard or all in his room-tent.

As for Jon or David...For God sakes already...get a pet, you will think to yourself, WTF, why haven't I done this sooner???

Monday, December 2, 2013

Not a blog...

Speaking with Cousin Jonathan AKA Zinc...

My blog lacks the true definition of blog-material...
It is true, I think my so called blog is more like a glorified Instagram in disguised...

Hence my name change....