Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Hue

Paris A.K.A. Scottie Spitten is my co-worker who is in a group called H.I.S.D.
HISD collabarated with another group, Radio Galaxy to become The Hue.

It was a great night with friends.

Psst... Chi Tram, he took your advice and got some slim jeans...Thanks for suggesting it to him cause he would have never taken my advice ;-)

Monday, October 6, 2014


This is her looking at where Watson was laying down in the car.
She sat there for the whole ride to the Vet.

She's sad too.

Chi Tram

It was nice to have another older sister home.
It's been a hectic week and having her help me get through Watson's passing...
Was much needed.

I feel bad that I made her eat @ Denny's twice in Houston. But she was a great sport!

Interestingly enough, chi Tram is the last sibling that Robert needed to meet.
(Now I just need Adrian, Paulina & Nic)
And if I think about it, with a large family as mine..It kinda took almost a full year to accomplish this task.


Back to Back Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014
Watch Isabella (VP of Cavilers) and Angelina (1st year Freshman)
perform together for Bella's last Creek Homecoming and Lina's first.

It was a perfect evening and Creek killed their opponent.

Then last Friday, got to go to Dobie's to see Amber pass down her reigning crown to the new Homecoming Queen.

Amber broke the 20 year streak of crowning a Lariette as the Queen, but alas, 2014, the Lariette's took it back. LOL


Watson...My baby XOXO

My sunshine has left me. I do not even know what to say.
It's a blur.
I mean really...
Doctor said he was not in pain, but he just left me.
I do not know why medically he left, but he did.
Doctors are baffled but told me not to question it.

Allie is sad.
That morning of the passing, she was sitting right next to his bed.
Just looking at me.
She did not move.
Chi Tram told me maybe a cat needed to say goodbye...
So I took her to the hospital to say goodbye to Watson but being there, I decided to take Watson home for one last time.
Allie sat with Watson in my living room for 30 minutes.
Then I took him to the place that took care of Penny when she passed.

It took 48 hours later for Allie to come sit on the sofa.
Clearly she is grieving as well.

This is Watson's healthy x-rays..
Doc says x-rays looks perfect...

He is perfect...
You are missed.
I mean...who is going to give me kisses? Not Allie...