Monday, October 25, 2010

Ta da!

Dad and Mom's guest bathroom got a fresh coat of paint and another floor.
Since this is a high traffic area, we decided that we will not put more vinyl but instead when with slate. It gives it a modern feel and still cool to the touch. Better yet, easy to keep clean.

It's not complete yet, the toilet is not in place but the majority of the work is done.
All we are waiting for is the grouting, re-caulking,new hardware & shower curtain. That will finish up this project... but it will have to wait till this weekend.

Back to the Drawing Board

I purchased a vanity top for a steal...But it's not a great steal if it's not the right size.
Gotta go return it and shop some more!

Lost and Found

I thought I lost the picture of the rocker but it was recovered from my computer today...What a relief. Here's the proof of how F-ugly this rocker was before the Face-lift/paint job.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I LUV it that I have something in common with Austin-Boston....
We both enjoy a little head game from time to time. When I watch it, one of the character reminds me of Austin. No, not him, him!

Monday, October 18, 2010

American Graffiti

I am wondering if this is considered graffiti.

Anyways more pictures of getting the house in order for mom and dad.

Look at Mom watching.

Luke walking to his Super grand-daddy.

Correction: I think it is called pressure washed, not power washed ;-)

Rock & Roll

Another Before and After project

Nasty old rocker $30

When I got there, it was really gross. The nice lady probably saw my disgusted face. Her picture did not depict the true grossness of it. She let me walk away only having to pay $25.00, Yea haw. (Geez, how did I get so cheap?)

I cannot locate my before picture of the chair ;-(

Onced refurbished, with a lil power wash and a white coat of paint...


Having A Blast

This weekend,okay only Saturday because MOM will NOT let us work on the house on Sundays, was the first part of getting Mom and Dad's house ready for the big paint job that will eventually take place.

Anh Vinny and Chi Trang was so awesome to provide us with the POWER-Washer machine thingy.

The house got washed but we decided to keep going and the driveway, pink chairs, patio set, the lil yellow tike car and a few other things got a new face lift as well. (Vinny that gadget is soooo awesome!)

Mom and Dad's house needs a little more tender loving care then I thought but we will have to replace some wood and do more maintenance to prevent leaks. Just a little more time consuming but its got to be done.

It was a lovely day and we wrapped things up but in the early evening.

PS Oh, don't worry we didn't make dad do all the work ;-) but he really enjoyed going at the dirty pavement & Mom hooked me up with so much SHRIMP because I helped. OMG so good!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Three Musketeers

Maddie, Adam and Aaron were at Grandmom and Granddad's on Saturday. It's nice to hear the laughter of these kids. Very infectious. Dad cou;dn't stop grinning cuz the kids were playing washers, in the backyard. I am impress that dad made that square thingy for them and the big kids to play.

Got to see Maddie in her Superstar red and white stars sock. Cool Maddie, way cool.
Didn't get to talk to Aaron and Adam too much because they were too busy playing.
It was a great visit and I wished I took pictures.

Update: I took a picture of the washer game that dad made for the kids and grown ups.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No More Ceiling Fan

Yes, it's probably unorthodox to have a chandelier in a guest bedroom, but I say, why not? So out went the ceiling fan and in went a re-conditioned chandelier. I had this chandelier sitting in my garage, collecting dust and I decided I wanted to play "decorator."
It's suppose to be a powdered blue shade but it doesn't photograph very well.
But I love the calm & romantic feeling it gives the room.

Painted the lamp to match. Old vs. New.

(I hope I didn't update ya'll on this already...)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Okay, I love this picture.
When I babysat Lennox, he scared the bee-je-sus out of all my neighbors.

Little do they know he is a pussy cat.
Look at Hayden all over him.

When do I get to baby sit them again???

Hate the Kitchen

It was so ugly, the roaches moved to another location..

This is the kitchen before it was worked on...The stove is new but...still has a lot of work to be done. At least now I don't feel like I was sticking to the floors.

Oh, look at the fantastic wallpaper...and missing cabinets...
Previous owners were foreclosed on and they went nuts on this house.
The stick on tiles, puke-o-rama!

The kitchen was the first thing that had to be re-novated but only on the things that needed immediated attention. It's still my least favorite room, until I finish it. But the master bathroom is the next project.
Looking on the bright side, it's not as gross anymore.

To be continued

Disregard the date on the camera, the date is not correct.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Electronic Love

Because this is the picture that made me sit up and put my face against my computer screen and Kiss It!. I love kissing my Luke. He is one happy Baby....Toddler...

PS I am now craving spaghetti!