Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Divide and Conquer

Since each boys had a party to go to on the same day, we drew the short end of the stick and had to spend our Sunday at Chuck E Cheese. (It wasnt so bad but it sure was crowded)
This was his Zombie impersonation

My silly boys

Goodies bags with a rubiks cube! How cool is that?


Angelina made it as the Junior Lieutenant  for her drill team. It's something that was important to her and she definitely has the skills for it after studying ballet for at least 11 years amongst other dance like jazz, tap and modern interpretations.

You go Angelina. This was her last Saturday at her Drill banquet which she won out of all her team mates the Best technical dancer.  Thumbs up!

Hanging out

Uncle Steve invited the boys to come over for a swim with Hayden...They boys loved it except for the rain part. Cameron was not happy and mad at the rain...Seriously, he was totally mad...AT THE RAIN!

Made his dad keep checking the rain radar. Holden on the other hand, was pretty chilled about it, after his SECOND Icee.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Crafty for Mom's Day

Got the boys to make a pretty picture for their mom and had them make a tissue flower for her as well.


That's seems to be the thing the boys want to do...to get them away from their ipads.

All I want for Summer is....

My two front teeth...

He lost his second front tooth a week a part. He also lost it during school hours. School nurse snapped this happy pic of our new gummy baby!


SHe is such a great dancer...(understatement)  In the next few weeks to come, she will be trying out for an Officer position for her drill team. On her skills, she should get it hands down. But as anything in life, there's politics involved. Since she is still young, sophmore, that may play a factor in her not getting an officer position.  Wishing her luck !

Dinosaur Power

I really do appreciate the one on one time with Holden in the mornings. He still loves the blankets I get for him . This morning he wore it as a cape since he was fighting for the dinosaurs. Eating his cereal for super-energy!!!!!

Innocence. I love it!

Van's Birthday !

We all had a great time at Anh Van's 50th birthday!  Cameron exceptionally had a great time playing soccer with LeAnn's nephews.


Finally we had permission to get Holden's haircut...But can't cut it too short. We were all happy (grandparents too) , even Holden was eagerly wanting to go to school to show his friends his new shorter hair.

Cameron got one too. We have authority to cut his hair whenever...

Why can't we just do both, all the time !???!   ;)

He Still Thinks I'm AWESOME

I do love love love both boys...But when you have one that  manipulates you with hugs and kisses...I'm no dummy...I'm going to enjoy it for as long as I can, cause I know these kisses and spontaneous hugs stops when kindergarten is over. (Insert my sad face)

Video tears

It's a reminder that Holden is 6 and can't quite grasp a new video game without some help with from his brother. But his older brother is too involved with the game to help. That creates a tearful lil brother... Fast forward a month later (with haircut) and Holden is far better at this game than Cameron. lol

Taking a break from the tablet to ride their bikes.