Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mommy & I

I seriously think this is the only baby picture I have with my mother...

;-) I love....
I think I favor Walter Mathhau

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Raven

I don't love the food but it's one of my favorite restaurant simple because of the ambiance.

I love it for lunch and especially in the evenings for a drink.

My biggest fear was the resident chicken, Augustina, pooping on my purse. Since I was eating a burger, she liked me a lot more than Danielle, who was trying to feed her chicken flautas.... No Bueno!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mum 2012

Bella asked for a single mum this year...
I'm excited for her.
It was inspired by the breast awareness month, her past ballerina experiences
and I'm told, the gawdier, the better...

I hope she likes it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monday Night Football

Interrupting Hayden for a photo opt! Texans won this game! Yippee


I wished they all lived closer to me....

I loved making Lisa pose for me. They only way she would do it, was by me saying, Lisa, this is for Chi Tram...
So she went with it...Cute Tennis outfit!

Mel, hiding behind her new book as she was watching the UT game.

And Sunday Morning with the Chamberlains...ahhhhhh

A little one on one time

Had the chance to spend time with Luke, one on one and it was such a gem of an experience. Rarely, with such a big family, there's always someone else around. In this case, there was as well but I did have my own play time, chit chat time and I got to read him his two books for nap time. Before he closed his eyes, he told me to make sure I wake him up for his family, they were coming to play with him. The drive from Houston to Austin, was sooooo worth it. Now only if his parents will go do something else...Hint Hint

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Movie Review (no spoiler)

End Of Watch...

Gritty and Good.

Worth every penny. Surprisingly I laughed through out the entire movie.

Great chemistry. You think they were really friends. I totally believed it.
You may think you don't like it, but you will. If you liked Training Day, this is an absolutely do not miss MOVIE.

Quotes from Sherlock that I adore

Benedict will play the Villian in the New Star Trek 2 and will be in the Hobbit too but more in the sequels.

I just adore these guys!

Most women have the "look."
The "look" that their partners know when to shush up.

John Watson: Don't do that. 
Sherlock Holmes: Do what? 
John Watson: The look. 
Sherlock Holmes: Look? 
John Watson: You are doing the look again. 
Sherlock Holmes: I can't see it, can I? 
[looks into the mirror
Sherlock Holmes: It's my face. 
John Watson: Yes and it's doing a thing. You're doing a 'We both know what's going on'-face. 
Sherlock Holmes: We do. 
John Watson: No, I don't, which is why I find the face so annoying. 

John Watson: Remember what they told you: don't try to be clever... 
Sherlock Holmes: No. 
John Watson: - and please just keep it simple and brief. 
Sherlock Holmes: I'm confident the star witness at the trial should come across as intelligent. 
John Watson: Intelligent, fine. Let's give smart ass a wide berth. 
Sherlock Holmes: [pause] I'll just be myself. 
John Watson: Are you listening to me? 

Sherlock Holmes: [handcuffed to John] Take my hand! 
John Watson: Now people will definitely talk. 

Sherlock: Lestrade. I've been summoned. Are you coming?
Watson: If you want me to.
Sherlock: Of course. I'd be lost without my blogger.

Just love the cleverness of their characters combined...