Friday, April 21, 2017


We have been trying to go to this Sarah's Sweet Shop for about two months. (3 attempts)

First time, we missed the exit.
(It's out of no where on the feeder)

It kinda looks like one of those sexy lingerie places around town. It caught my eye cause of the pretty pink and white awning. Finally googled and it said it was a real bakery. So we tried again.

Second attempt. We came at 5:15 on a Saturday and it closes at 5:00 pm.
(Is this a front? What bakery/cupcake shop closes that early on a Saturday?)

Third attempt...
Good Grief, we tried on Saturday morning... They were closed for the whole weekend of Easter...

So we went to Starbucks instead. Gorgeous day.

(Can't find the picture I snapped of Cameron)

Bunny poses


The boys do not do chores at their mother's home. But they do have chores here. I chose to do that because it is only hurting them if they do not have some sort of discipline and order in their lives. Funny thing is they enjoy the responsibilities. Honest, they do. They usually try to race on who gets to do it.

 They were playing outside and saw the garbage men. They happily waved to the men and rushed to bring in the bin. HOLDEN INSIST WE START RECYCLING !!!

Cameron's Chores:
Bring water to the dinner table
Set napkins for meals
Pick up the blankets off floor at night
Put up the minecraft toys
Plug up their ipdas and his phone

Holden's Chores:
Checks mailbox
Make rice (rinses rice & push down the "cook" button)
Tries to wash dishes
Dries dishes
Set spoon or fork for meals
Throws wet close in dryer

Things they fight to do:
Water plants/flowers
Take in the trash

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


We can get the boys to do almost anything if they think the get to play with water balloons.
We are a huge fan of the 100 water balloons at one time. Worth every penny ! You can buy it at Walmart or Target...$7.49

Tie Dye Eggs

 Simple pleasures...The boys love the little things...

 The eggs turned out pretty good!. It is the type you put in a bag and roll it around. No mess, no vinegar smell.

Tooth Fairy

Holden lost two teeth within the same week. He accidentally swallowed the second one while eating gumbo. He was teary eyed cause he thought the tooth fairy was not coming. So he drew a note for the tooth fairy and requested for $10.
Counting his stash...

Early Hunting

EASTER..Love time with family



Maximus was hungry !

Monday, April 10, 2017


Seems like we go to Lowe's or Home Depot every weekend. The boys make the most of the trip...

Sunday Morning

Holden is liking our bed...A little too much. Watching PBS Sunday morning.

Astros 2017

First year playing baseball.
He's not the best player, but that's ok...We are having lots of fun watching him. He has a great swing!

Friday, April 7, 2017


Finally got to really use the aluminum lighting that I purchased in New York. I just love the way it glows on the walls. Keeping this kitchen area simple and to the point. De-cluttering...

New House

Got a new house and it's time to make it homey.
Ordered new curtains and I was totally off on the colors. Thought it was black & white but it arrived tan and black. I am the lazy type, I hate returning things. So, I kept it and made it work.
Why? Because finding the 120" panel of curtains are not as easy as you would think.
So when it's up, it's up. I'm not bringing it down until I buy something else.