Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer @ the lake house

I didn't take any pictures @ the lake or as much as I should have.
I was enjoying the water & busy trying to cook for the crew.

I really had so much fun, however the sun & heat drained me by the evening time.

Did I tell ya'll how awesome it is to do nothing with the family?

Pretty awesome.

Hayden on his 4th birthday, enjoying the nature.
Luke on Father's Day (morning) hanging out, playing choo choo Thomas.

Dear Sun

Why do you have to be so friggin hot???
Oh well, I guess we will sing instead.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I know I am a very vocal person. Emotions, oh yeah, that I am.
I can be professional and @ the same time question the person's sanity and have a huge smile on my face.

But mostly, if you do something I don't like, you normally can tell.
My face tells it all, most of the time. No poker face here.

So let me tell you, if I say I am pissed, pretty much, walk the other way.

Now, I don't even recall when the last time I got so pissed like this, but let me tell you...It's not a pretty sight. I don't know how parents do it, having to bite their tongues when something happens to their children. Maybe that is why God Blessed me my sanity because if I ever come across this one girl that crossed my little sister...Especially if that person is in the wrong???? Oh, the rage I feel.

I promise you, if I come across that girl, I promise you, she will have tears and I will have never put a hand on her, but she will cry and if she goes to her mother, let me @ her.

You wanna be dumb-drama? Bring it cuz I didn't have drama in high school (too goodie goodie) but I will squash her..Just like the KID in the Hall...Sqish em'!!!

I feel better, thanks!

They can DANCE !

This weekend I went to see Bella & Lina perform @ the Galveston Opera House.
It was another beautiful performance.
Out of 44 dances, they were in 8 of them. Yes!!!!
I hate it that I never can take pictures of their costumes.
No cameras allowed while performance is in progress.

Thank you ladies for your ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop & musical theatre interpretations!