Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adam the Athlete

He's cuter than Adam Sandler (Water Boy, Grown Ups) and more manly than Adam Ant and a lot younger than Adam and Eve. Yes, he's my nephew Adam!
Adam is Madison's older brother and I think he is so cool. I like it that he gets a long with his sis and loves to get his hugs when I do see him.

He's his own person, gentle yet strong and very sporty. He minds his manners but boys will be boys right? I can't seem to ever see him just sit. He's alway running and playing with Aaron or Madison.

My nearest future goal is to get pictures of him, by HIMSELF. Watch out Super Adam, Auntie is coming to chase you with her camera!

PS I hope you win your tournament in Nebraska! Go GO GO Adam!!!

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