Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby Boy #2

 So happy for Steve & Michelle & Hayden.
Elijah has arrived...We are waiting for his official names......They graciously let the family have a vote.


I am very proud of him running his 1st half marathon. Kudos!

Secret tip....Have enough tokens for all the boys....They will come to like you a lot faster. hee hee

 He liked my slider and thought I had a children's plate too...I asked him to show me how big boys eat ...And he took a huge bite for me.

Holden took these two pictures of his dad and older brother. Then he looked at me after I let him touch my phone and said, "Lauren, hold my hand!" It was a demand....  I happily obliged.


Our 1st selfie

Then  a  2nd one.

Robert told the boys that they were going to meet a new friend.
Less than five minutes into the car ride, Holden tells Robert, "Dad, she looks a lot older!"
(Whaaaaaa the F  ???) Robert looks at me all wide eyed...
He continues, "Lauren looks 50 years old..."
(Again.....Whaaaaaa the F  ???)

Cameron then says, "No she doesn't look older than dad!"
(100 points for Cameron lol)


I believe in love at 1st sight....

These two boys will fit perfectly in my life, I'm just hoping I will be in theirs.

Finally decided it was time to meet them since we figured we were stuck with one another, so we might as well let the boys in on the fun.

There were several tries to meet but last Sunday was the magical day.
Kept it a bit more simple than originally planned.
Went to movies, ate and played arcades.
Ok, lets just say it....
If these boys become my sons, OOOOOOO- MMMMMMM- GGGGGGG

This girl would be the happiest girl E-Vahhhhhhhhhh  !!!