Tuesday, July 12, 2016


After a fun day at the pool, they chill and play Minecraft...Oh what a life...
 Loving Uncle Steve for the pool passes. Holden gets overly excited to get to go to this pool-splash pad. He loves it probably as much as Hayden.

Wedding Bliss

Chi Tram took so many beautiful pictures....But this is one of my favorite of Zoe...Her beauty is so effortless. I love my new sister!  Congrats to them. xoxoxox

His #1 Baby

He says this is his #1 baby....Over The boys. Meet Agatha Christie...Yup, the mystery author. That's her full name.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Like Father, Like Son

They even sleep exactly the same way.

She's bacccccccccccccck

Bella came back to do summer intern. ;)

Bambu Boba

Toothless and popping the bubbles from his strawberry smoothie.

 and random balloon animal from Pappasitos.

Happy 9th

Happy birthday my sweet nephew.
His dad always has something fun for all the kids.

 We love you very much Hayden xoxoxoxox

On The Other Side

Went to his dad's on Saturday for an early BBQ.

Father's Day

On Saturday, he was feeling a little under the weather so Sunday, he slept in until 8:00am. That's not normal for him since he normally wakes up at 5:30 am...Everyday...

Started off slow but ended up feeling better after I medicated him.

The boys made a paper tie for him and had a little money behind the tie.
 Good morning indeed.

 This picture is cracks me up because...that is how Holden prefers to smile, lately.
 Made the ties on Friday night when Robert made a quick run to Target. They were able to keep a secret. WOW.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Update...It's been over a year since I laid my eyes on these two boys...And I am very happy and blessed to say...Neither one of us is going anywhere. I love them and if my suspicions are right...I think they love me too...
I have seen them grow, literally sprouting in front of me and I have seen them trust me. The baby, although I know he is not a baby, definitely attached to me quicker. Older brother, well, it took a lot of trust and time to realize that I liked him. Interestingly enough, two months into meeting the older brother, he said, "I don't think you will be around" when I get to high school. I laughed and said, shush up and smile (taking his picture) and I'm going to put this exact picture (on the beach) in your Senior yearbook to remind you. ;)

This past weekend, baby brother was saying to me in the car, "Co Thu!!! Please let me get a PUG soon because you will die in two years! PLEASE!!"  
Wait, What? Die? WTH  hahahaha  He also knows how to butter me up when he wants something, I'm Co Thu....
Robert tried to help in by saying he has no concept of time.  WHATEVR...

These two boys are plenty enough. If you can imagine, I have to deal with all three of them randomly asking for a dog...Nooooooooooo...Unless it is a dog I am not allergic to and is as cute as Watson...NOOOOOOOOO DOG.


 I am so in love with this kid...My ninja baby!  
 I think they watched this movie more for me. I haven't liked any of the TMNT movies and hoped this one was better. And...it was better. Megan Fox (Boys Dad survived this movie because of her -whateves). I liked Will Arnett. It's the best TMNT but not better than the cartoons and honestly, other than nostalgia for when David was a kid...You can take it or leave it. 

Memorial Day

They wore the same clothe for two days straight (yes I washed)  Memorial Day was all about EATING!

Durian rice (ughhhhh)

 They love chicken broth....
He decided to eat rice with chopsticks...

Best Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Friendswood.

Did you know that Rainbow Snow cone is really consist of only  three flavors (I just found this out)
Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Cherry. Place them next to one another you get the color green and purple as well.. VERY CLEVER or is this SNOW CONE MAGIC?