Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just for fun

I thought these were funny. Stars and what the look like ;-)

Christina-Lipstick and Fergie-Grater...So gross...

Haywire SUX...Hard!!!

Haywire was beyond bad. Please trust me. But if you don't...I would love to know how you would rate this flick.
The girl is not an actress and well, she should have NEVER be on screen as a leading role.
She tried so hard to be Angelina Jolie. There was a scene that looked like it was stolen out of SALT. Anyways, this director must have been in love with this girl because he was blind at how bad she was when she was trying to be sexy. I hate it when woman TRY to be sexy. It's so...NOT!

The director made Ocean's 11 and Twelve. They were great! I don't have a clue what he was thinking when he made Haywire.
It's as if he tried to make the same type of heist movie but had a small budget and a horrible leading girl. I would give this movie an F except for the fact that it had friggin Ewan McGregor (i love him as Grimes in Blackhawk Down). A solid D-

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It was ok.....
I was hoping for something more than it was. I love this type of CIA and espionage type movies but maybe it's Ryan Reynolds that keeps it from being, true-honest for me. I watched the darn thisng because of him and Denzel (yes, I am on first name basis with Denzel) I like Ryan as a celebrity but, he's not the greatest actor. Did ya'll see Green Latern? SO BAD! Don't mistaken Green Hornet for Green Lantern.
Don't get me wrong, Safehouse was a well made movie but I figured out the "bad" person. Right away. I am not the brightest and well I figured it out by the"Hollywood" formula. It gets a B- for going to the cinema but if you RedBox it, I give it an A-.
Potential Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Hollywood tries to steer you to the immediately villain, you tend to think otherwise, that is if you watched enough movies like this.

It just makes me appreciated how much I LOVE the Bourne series. I am looking forward to The Bourne Legacy with Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner. Jeremy was pretty darn good in Mission Impossible. As for Hurt Locker, I think that movie bombed for me. Utterly overrated with an Oscar and totally mind numbing BORING.

As for David, he KNOWS his sister so well. I have seen the Warrior three times. Then my friends all watched it (all three of my friends) OMG Tom Hardy, AWESOME! Yes, the movie is what I call very Asian-Korean-ish, meaning over-traumatically-dramatic but the stars made it believable. How can you not love a movie with kick ass fighting scenes with heart wrenching moments and little laughter hidden in between. David GUARANTEED me that I would love this movie, and he was spot on.SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I cry when he tapped out? Busted into tears....The Warrior on DVD, a solid A.

Tom Hardy, I loved you in Inception and I am falling in love all over again.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Volleyball Tournament for Amber somewhere in Cypress.

The team won the whole sha-bang!

Final game, it was Houston Stellar vs. Houston Stellar Premier. (Same team one is a team and the other is the b team) Kinda like Varsity and Jr. Varsity.
(Amber is on Houston Stellar)

It was very eventful and I just had loads of fun.
Of course I think I almost RUINED things for Amber Again...
Chi La and Anh Vinh let her go with two other friends (with parent supervison)
to Mardi Gras (Galveston. I guess my comment and facial reaction made chi La think twice. I had to doggy paddle and say, oh, I was thinking Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Don't worry chi La, Galveston if more family oriented. She didn't even know how girls get their "beads" until I opened my friggin big mouth... Anyways, I need to learn to not to forget get that my older siblings have teenagers and well..I just need to shut my mouth.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mind Control

Mind Flex was a new game the family played this year. I'm too lazy to explain. Let's put it this was. When I competed, I DID NOT win when it comes to having your brain be active and think of things, but I do think I am rather good at clearing my mind. I didn't win the family tournament, but I did come pretty close.

Adam trying to be relaxed when he competed with Madison. Mom even played with her baby sister.Look @ Mel trying to coach mom...hahahaha

Mel and Thomas won for the family tournament. Mel won for Peace and Thomas won for War. That in itself is hilarious.

Zoo-tastic Fun!

Hanging out with Luke @ the zoo was quite the event. He knows what he likes and they are the giraffes and the fish. He didn't care too much for the monkeys. But of course his favorite was the choo choo train.

I didn't care much for the train since I was lazy and wedged myself with Thomas and Mel. Talk about a tight fit.

Spike that ball

Good Golly Gee Wiz....
Is this another post about how great one of my kiddos did?
Yes, so it shall be.

You may not really appreciate how good Amber is until you see her Select Volleyball team play. Pretty damn good. It was a lot better to watch other teams play because when Amber's team, The Houston Stellar played, it was jammed pack with excitement. I may have left with high blood pressure.

This was what her Saturday schedule was like.
6:00 am Wake up
7:00 am On road to Sports Village
7:30 am to 6:30 pm Game ON!

6:33 PM In car, passed out asleep. (She did not have time to eat other than have YOGURT ice cream)

If you noticed, there are a bunch of scouts watching her team play. When the girls switch courts, the scouts would follow them. I don't know how they play as if they aren't being watched, but I guess once you play so well, you don't pay attention to anything else but your game.

If you ever have time, check her out @ one of her tournaments. I am telling you, it's not like a high school game. It's so much more intense. The kind that you want to pee in your pants and jump up and down and scream, "Yeah, bitches, that's my fucking niece that just served you again and again!!! Oh did she score again?" hahahah
But I had to have restraint since everyone is pretty nice and professional. That means no posters and pom poms saying Houston Stellar kicks ya'lls Ass!

The team did well and will advance in another tournament in Houston.

See ya'll there
She will travel to San Diego to play in March 2012.

Yummy to my Tummy

In Dallas. Sunday morning, after church (yes, church in Plano, TX), We headed home towards Houston. Not before the delicious mouth journey to In N Out Burger.
We were the first ones there (they opened @ 10:30am) and I got my double double and the ultra fresh fries. It's been over 8 years since my mouth bit into this burger. I questioned myself as I waited for this mouth watering event. "Is it really that good or did I just jump on the propaganda of all the other In N Out lovers?"

They brought it to our table.
Yes, it is that damn good! I love the meat, it's not too thick but you can taste the friggin' meat! (No pic of my burger caused I inhaled the darn thing)

As for Amber, I should of had my camera ready for her face when she looked @ the menu.
Fries, Shake, Double Double, Cheeseburger and Hamburger. That's the menu? hahahaha

I think she liked it, considering that is what she heard me yap about all weekend long (but probably not as much as I did).