Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nic Tac Toe

Nic is a natural @ winning Tic Tac Toe.
He wins own his own merits and than he is clever enough to lose on purpose. Yup, he loses to let the adult feel better, so they will play longer. That's my nephew. Smart kiddo.

I love him oodles! Can't wait for him to open his birthday gift. I hope he likes it!
We shall see, soon enough.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sometimes you gotta just do a buffet with such a large family of ours.
The kids hit the jackpot when it comes to this.
I mean seriously, cotton candy?
I NEVER had this much cotton candy as a kid, I mean I had to share.

iTime with Sweet P

Sometimes you just gotta have your own time to relax.
Mr. Thomas helping with the dvd.
P watching Judy Moody, Not so Bummer Summer.
(Lemonade in her glass)

Mornings with the Luke-ster

I absolutely love my one on one time with Luke in the mornings.
He's such a happy kid!

Spreading his wings just like Buzz Light year when you hit his buttons.
Showing his teeth like his T-Rex (I think)
Playing with Daisy and
last but not least his banana time ;-)

Twinkle TOES

Such a proud auntie I am....
You danced so beautifully!

Bravo Lina, BRAVO!