Friday, February 12, 2016

Room Parent...GF?

I totally felt like a mom (stepmom) today. It feels good.
The whole room parent thing for Valentines Day was my gig because Cameron was out sick so someone had to stay home while I got to do the fun stuff.

I was the kid that never had mom or dad attend these functions. So I can understand these kiddos who were sad that their parent didn't show. (I was never sad about it when I was young cause I knew Mom was home with Lisa and then David...Mel came along when I was too old to care..hahaha)

Anyways I totally lied to the two little girls saying maybe their parent was stuck out in that horrible long line in the office. One girl bought my story, the other one was still sad. (She's so pretty too, gonna be a knock out when she hits high school).

Then there was one that is obviously in love with Holden. The mom introduced herself to me and I can tell this girl is going to start dating very early...hahahah

It was a success.

But how does one person handle eighteen 6 year olds and I barely can handle a 10 and a 6 year old with help?
Teachers are amazing.

This is Holden , possible the class clown. But all these kids lined up their chair to sit next to him. xoxox
The Little Blonde braided girl was the sad little girl who wanted me to find her mom in the line. She told me her hair is short and brown.