Monday, February 28, 2011

Most Improved

Her face is so cute and she finally got a much better dress than her last Golden Globes dress.

So Pretty

Just lovely dresses!


UPDATE: I wrote this in the morning before I read any of the yahoo & MSN crapola.

Marisa, better ask Vinnie for another dress. You're killing me!
Nicole's bottom half of the dress is AWFUL!
Is Reese going to a 90's prom.
Penelope was going to an eighties slut prom.

You girls have too much power/money to be looking like this...
But it was fun to watch and critic.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Why do I not want to watch Mad Men?
Maybe it's that redhead that annoys me because people keep saying she is hot & sexy.
I don't see it.

I just don't know, but I caught myself sitting through another Two and a Half Men.

I am a Sad Woman ;-)

Bad Chemistry

I was never good in chemistry but watching Breaking Bad, uhmmmm makes me oh, so, interested...
Breaking Bad: A chemistry teacher, dying of lung cancer, joins a deadbeat ex-student on a hectic journey to produce & deal crystal meth. I must add that their lab is in an old RV.

I never heard of this show except for the fact that these two actors Bryan Cranston (ex-Malcom in the Middle dad) and Aaron Paul (love this skinny dude, yo) won Emmy's over Dexter and House.

Who are these guys?
I mean, who is better than Hugh Laurie (Dr. House & Dexter Morgan)or Michael C. Hall. No one.

Well a trip to trusty Target did the trick. Purchased Season one and by the second show, I was addicted. Maybe my addiction is not as fast as the crystal meth running in a person's system but I was becoming a Breaking Bad phene, all the same. (I hope everyone knows I don't do drugs and the things I know about it is from Weeds, Trainspotting, Scarface and Breaking Bad- HOLLYWOOD)

One of my favorite scene in Season two is when Mr. White finally feels like Jesse is getting and understanding some of the chemistry. You see this proud moment from Mr. White (which is rare) and how Jesse is really wanting to learn then he says the stupidest thing...Better let you see it. But you see the approval on Mr. White's face fall as you can read his face, What a dumbass you are, Jesse, tsk tsk....

Bad points: The show has its slow moments, but only to lead you into a pumped up reaction...Totally WTF??!!!??

Good points: Simply cracks me up when Jesse says, "YO" after many of his sentences.

All in all, the acting is quite superior for a tv show and well, I do understand and agree that their Emmys are well deserved.

Sidebar: I hated Rita (Dexter's wife that killed off the Dexter show) I hope Mr. White's wife gets knocked off the show too, she is so effing annoying. Now watching Season three (not able to purchase in store muahhhhhh but i got it)...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flowers, My Desk, Other Blogs

Oh so very MESSY...Ugggg, as if I need all those files on my desk, at the same time...But people keep bringing it to me;-(

I took this picture to remind me how the flowers die and bloom, all in the same vase and of course how pretty flowers can make me smile .... yet all I can see is how this office is so cluttered. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr...No wonder I just want to run away from my desk.

Been working too much guys...Oh shoot, the whole point of this blog was to ramble on about how boring my blog may be. I wished I had great things to share, but I don't. I however, in my very own sweet head of mine, do blog some very cleverly written blogs...BUT when it comes time to it..I don't have time! So I then write down the bare basics and grimace at what I wrote and say, "Oh well, better than nothing..."

BUT is it reallY? I stumble across other blogs that I envy or even laugh out loud. I say to myself, hmmm, that should be me...But oh dear me, it isn't Boo....Well, breaks over, gotta tend to the paper work hell I have created for myself...

To all those people I love and those strangers I don't know, keep blogging..You may never know who you just made curious, smile or say...WTF???

Friday, February 11, 2011

My lil Brother

so he is staying here in Viet Nam for the night...
I miss him but I think I get to actually communicate with him more often.
That will be my positive thinking for this adventure.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Doctor in the House

It's not Dr. House anymore. It's now Dr. Watson, my new TV Doctor crush.
Ohhhhhh, I can't stand it that the new Sherlock Holmes (2010) BBC series is insanely good!
David and Mel suggested this show to me and I just want more!
Martin Freeman plays Dr. Watson. I have liked him in other shows such as the BBC version of The Office (he's Tim, brit version of Jim) and he is in Love Actually as well. One of my top movies I enjoy.
But to make it even better, I was just informed that he will play Bilbo in the anticipated The Hobbit! Oh dear me, I just can't wait!

Since I can't get enough of him, I went ahead an ordered another tv series he was in about four years ago. The Robinsons should help chill me out until I can get a new Sherlock episode...

Even cooler...We share the same birthdate. How cool is that?
No wonder I like him;-)

Cheers 2011

Here's to more happiness and great health!

Mr. Bug

That's Mr. Ladybug...
Nic was a little lucky dude, he caught a ladybug.I miss you my booger-bear!

Happy Cat/Rabbit New Year!

I am soooooooooo sad the festivities are over....Boo-hoo...
I was having too much fun to snap pics.
Really missed Amanda this year at Tet!