Friday, October 25, 2013


If anyone knows me, knows I do not do well with scary movies.

But I really do want to see the remake of Carrie.

I guess the original one scared the living daylights out of me and was one of the three movies that ruined me for scary flicks, all together..The other being Omen and Poltergeist (thanks a lot chi Ha & Anh Ngon)

But with it having Julienne Moore, I think I can pretend, when she gets spooky that I will just think if her in 9 1/2 months or some lesser movie..

But guys, nothing beats the original huh??? creepy


Monday, October 21, 2013

Good bye TX... Hello CA !

It's true, no matter how far the distance, if there is love, it'll be A.O.K.


My Lina-rina Ballerina

 Yes, Lina has been performing since she was three years old as a baby chicky in her cute little yellow tutu.Now only in eighth grade, she is the youngest to make it to her Academy's Company. That is such an incredible achievement. And she will again have the leading part as Clara in The Nutcracker, three years in a row. Keep dancing my sweet Lina!!! Very proud.


I pretty much did Vegas on my own. SO there is more than enough selfies of myself.
Hmmmm, I lost all my money playing blackjacks with the Hawaiian locals. It was so much fun being like a local and they made me Honorary Hawaiian girl ;-)

Had I left the table with my dealer named Paula and played @ the Hood Hotel California, I would have been up three hundred dollars.

Then she went home and I eventually LOST everything...Boooo
It was nice but I was ready to be back home to the people I love.

The Beatles LOVE show @ The Mirage

 Meeting TELLER and actually hearing him speak to me!!!!!
 Finally getting to read this book. Tina is hilarious.
 Self Explorations:
 I still Love Gordon Ramsay and I always think of U2 when I am on Freemont
 And still love the BELLAGIO

Missing Luke

Yup I miss him.
Yes, he lived in Austin...
But knowing that he's in California...
It's just different.
So, I know I can't be a big baby about it...
But it's my blog and
DAMMIT...I miss this sunshine in my life!