Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Belated

Ahhhh, Miss Angelina, turning 11. You are such a beautiful young lady!
PS What a cool cake!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Spoiler Alert

I was talking to Austin last night.

Sidebar: Unless you wake him up (which he won't pick up the cell anyways), I have never had a bad conversation with this kiddo. He ALWAYS sounds like he is happy to talk to me and is so happy to help me out. Now if he is rolling his eyes and saying, Oh NO, Co Thu is calling me again....I can't ever tell.

Austin has always been so helpful and he has always been my nephew who likes hanging out with me or his other Aunts and Uncles, except for a short moment when he was 13 years old and thought that his Uncles & Friends were cooler than his Aunties. Uhmmm, I think with the help of Mel and Lisa, we knocked some sense into him. Really fast... How? By embarrassing him with Auntie love, (hugs & Kisses) in public.Needless to say, he probably is the most affectionate and attentive when we are hanging out @ Grandma & Granddad's.

Okay, back to my point. I appreciate that Austin is cool with me but he lost a cool factor last night. BIG TIME.
He got me a DVD of Psych, Season One and I have been hooked ever since. So I was watching the last part of Psych (Season Four) and wanted to know what happen to the third installment of Ying & Yang. He laughs...But he doesn't tell me.

HE will not tell me, even though I plead with him my case. I tell him that Season Five is not for sale. No, not good enough for him.
But Austin, (in my whiny aunt voice). Nope, he said it was worth watching and he wasn't going to spoil it for me. Errrrrrrrrrrrr
I must say, the second installment of Ying & Yang, Ally Sheedy (from the 80's movie Breakfast Club) plays a creepy psycho person. Even creepier is that guy that plays in Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the creepy McPoyle guy...Oh so very good.....

So, I don't even know what my point is....
I mean where did Austin get balls to do this to me??? Did he talk to my siblings who don't like to tell me the endings? I mean David lived with me, he knows that I need to know the endings of movies and books. It doesn't lessen my enjoyment. This is as devastating to me as when Lisa, Melissa & Mike withheld the ending of Harry Potter.
Dumbledore...Snape HELLO??????!!!!!!!! The hell I had to read four books to catch up on the Harry Potter craze. I would call them and ask questions and nothing, they won't tell me.... Just read they would say...with a little snicker....ohhhhhhhh Ughhhhhhhhh(Picture of Aaron as Harry Potter- wand is a chopstick)

So then I watched Twilight (late in the game on DVD), got Amber to tell me what would happen next, and she did. Then I think, Mel got a hold of her and she wouldn't tell me what happen in the third movie...Whatever, so you know what happen? I saw it on the big screen....Not a fan of Twilight Sagas....I want more blood and less dazed gazing tree flyers on the prowl...

Anyways, so now I have to wait til May 31, 2011 to really enjoy the newly released Psych Season 5 DVD, or do I watch it on the computer screen, for instant gratification...Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This is why I do not have cable. I hate having to be depended on my tv for entertainment. I know I can google/cheat but that is not my style. I like hearing from a person the ending, a person tells it so much better than cheating on google. That I won't do.

Thanks a lot for nothing Austin, for not spoiling things for me....Booooooooooo
Cool Factor, minus one.

(Now if only someone get him to read this blog and maybe he will feel guilty and tell me what happens in Season 5 hee hee )

Extra: Things I like about Psych. I like the the reference to the eighties music or tv characters and references to other movies.
Give it a try, it is light hearted fun but cleverly written.


Just came back from Weight Watchers meeting.

The scale showed no movement.

If you are the "The glass is half full" type of a person.
Then you will tell, "Aahhhhh @ least you didn't gain."

But if it's half empty...
then you will be thinking like me today.

"OH Fuck Me! (sorry for the profanity)
You mean I ate fish on a NON-Friday and skipped my
favorite Ramen noodle for the scale to not move???

But then again, I did eat some Banh Mi Pate and I feel a lot better now.

And so it goes on. Next week will be better.

Since I didn't show any progress, I wanted to show you a picture of someone who did. This guy is the Fat guy in That show Earl something (too lazy to figure out the right title) & the scary Goth looking friend in the Ashton Kutcher movie, Butterfly Effect. This took him over five years. God, I hope it doesn't take me that long.

Wait, Watch & Wait Again!!!

Frigging Weight Watchers "scale" today.
Oh my my, it really should be re-named "Wait Watchers" because most of us keep watching and waiting for the scale to go down and's soooooo slow...

Oh the anxiety...Who said being fat is easy? NO...It takes a lot of work to go to the grocery store a million times. Don't forget how much water a fat person waste cuz all those extra dishes I must wash.

If I ate less, so many less chores. Hmmmm that's a motivation.

To all the skinny people I love...I don't love you right now!
If I gain....You will hear me scream!
Talk later ;-I

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fighting It

I didn't want to see the FIGHTER, again. I thought the acting was pretty good. Christian Bale deserved his Oscar for this performance. So, in Austin, the younger siblings wanted to see this movie. I didn't, but for a stupid reason (watching made me feel hygenically dirty). Whatever the case may be, I lost.

So glad I watched it with them, even though it didn't start until midnight. We laughed quite a bit. It was pretty funny how certain scenes, everyone busted out laughing. If you seen it before, the scenes usually involved "Ward's" sisters. They were such good WHITE TRASH...The hair, man, the hair...

Extra: One of the siblings told me that one of the sister is Conan's sister..Pretty cool fact.

PS I was thinking, thank GOD the Nguyen sisters do not look these sisters...or do we??? hee hee

Eating for Thu

No...What I mean is, I have to really start eating healthy. I have had 40 years of pure blissful eating until I can't take it anymore. Oh, the way the food melts in my mouth as I shove it in my belly...

Enough already, what an oinker. I am use to being a big girl but for the past three/four years...I kept saying tomorrow...

I have had a very slow progress but none the less, it is progress. It started (again) in January when I was over my parents house. A stupid Weight Watcher advertisement came through the mail with Jennifer Hudson splash on the front cover. I never liked her but she caught me eyes. I mean, this girl lost some serious weight and she looks so classy now. So, off to Weight Watchers I went... I am ten pounds less, eight weeks later... Oh, so very slow...

One thing that Lisa brought to my attention was "The Vietnamese steam pork" (I don't know how to spell it in Vietnamese)was so bad for me...What was I thinking??? Okay, that had to go to the bin. Regretfully so.

As of yesterday, I am trying something new. I went to target to buy me a blender and some veggies and olive oil. I am telling you this eating healthy thing just makes me think of all the poison I have put in this poor short body of mine. I should be dead.

After all the food I bought, I was too lazy to cook for one.

So tomorrow, I will be more focus and start cooking for me, Thu.
I will take all the prayers I can get.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just thinking...

Whether it is laziness or the fear of my mother finding out...Sometimes I opt-out of blogging things on my mind...After reading other blogs, I realize that my family (extended family included) does realize the ramifications of translating things...Hence, I think they know that they shouldn't translate any of my postings. I can see fear in my parents face if they think I am a meth dealer and pothead-warlock loving kind of gal...So I think I just gave myself freedom, I shall post what is on my mind!


Okay, nothing is on my mind right now, but when something does come up...
Know that I am gonna tell you.

PS So glad my lil bro Steve is off his ass and blogging again (-:

Sunny California

I love my two lil California Raisins.

Love ya'll and miss ya'll!

Damn Marsala Sauce

My diet doesn't include Marsala sauce, but I had it anyways.
The day was too beautiful to waste sitting in the office so I had a quick lunch at Pronto.
Sitting outside, next to the fountain and watching traffic zoom by is as close to Sicily as I am going to get.

If you want a quick cheap lunch, have the chickem marsala with green beans. Under ten bucks and it is YUM!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woody v. Buzz

Okay, so Luke seems to like Toy Story 3. His B-day is coming up and he has a lot of toys....I didn't want to buy something he , already has or won't play I thought maybe he could be Woody or Buzz....Pajamas....He is about to be two years old and I bought a size four toddler. I think it will fit him perfectly.

Since he doesn't read blogs yet, I won't ruin the surprise for him. Just had to post this cuz I think these PJs are just too adorable. I'm thinking with him in it...IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER.

;-) Now, if I can only figure out what to get my beautiful Angelina for her B-day.
I don't know how you parents do this.....