Monday, September 15, 2014

Boy Toy

Seriously, why do men love their little gadgets?

He sat for thirty minutes just tinkering with his new Garmin the day before the race.

Even Watson couldn't get him distracted from it.

Running with the Wind

What a great springy breeze we got for our very first experience for the 5K run.

Although it is not my actual success but after 11 weeks of R starting his new healthier adventures, he is down over 30 lbs and looking happier and feeling awesome.
Let me tell you, the 2nd and 3rd week he was a little cranky with the less consumption of calories and his knees and feet bothering him. I tell you, it was like I wanted to pinch him...He was not being his sweet self.
Once the knees and feet thing got better, he made it seem so easy, although he is very discipline and rarely does anything half ass, it was nice to see results.

Of course his results translates better for me, since watching him try and chi Trang just as active with their physical regime, it guilt-ed me many evenings to put on my shoes and walk as well. Without them helping encouraging me on a daily basis, I wouldn't have even bothered to move or wiggle in August. Yet, I made my second 50 miles monthly goal in this Houston heat. And I don't have to tell you about the heat. Ohhhh the HEAT!!!
But guess what, even though it hasn't translated  to actual weight lost, I have noticed that my calves have gotten totally toned and my thunder thighs have reshaped and lost a couple of inches. I am losing that back fat (boobs). But on the scale, nothing really.
I can tell you that sans the heat, I can walk better and not breathe so heavily. I am a big girl and to think that I secretly like walking, it's really a big deal to me.

I am lazy by nature and well...I just need to truly not half-ass it again and start preparing my food. Lisa about two years ago suggested that I start preparing my meals and I will start doing that again. That suggestion with the walking help me lose over 50 lbs for Katie's wedding. (I gained it back)

Ok...where was I before I rambled?
I am wondering if this is how it feels to be a parent?
The feeling I had, when I saw him looking for me on the sidelines and then when he crossed the finish line.
It was very emotional.
He told me he kept looking for me but never saw me, yet I saw him chugging away.   ;-)

Yes, I know 5k is not a big deal but it was kinda sorta...He wasn't going to do this as a competitive event  but just to do it in the non-competitive group... But I convinced him that he was good enough to do it and that it will be something to keep trying to be better. He listened.

Although he's not a five minute miler or anything...He did his best time to date. He did his 3 miles under 10 minutes per mile, which is his best to date.

Then his son called to make sure he didn't die and asked if he won?
He laughed and said, "No son, I didn't win."

I definitely think he is a winner.
I am proud.

It was so much fun getting to this point.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Why yes, this birthday was indeed a happy one.

Although getting to it, I did dread the #43.

How did the age creep up so fast.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

About Time. . .

Labor Day came and went and it was nice to be able to do nothing with Watson, Alley & Robert.

Since he did not want to venture out to the crowd to watch Sin City. I got to pick the dvd.

It was a choice between Oblivion, Bad Words and About Time.

He flat out told me that I would not like Oblivion, proceeded to tell me the ending and I agreed.

It was between Bad Words and About Time.
Deep down he wanted Bad Words but I was feeling girly.

SO About Time it is.

I wasn't really feeling the movie but we just finished X-Men and I just didn't want another action movie. So..... five minutes into it, I was hooked..Why? Because ANY movie that has the Killers' music in a scene has to be a winner. . .

You guys...Watch it. Beautiful movie.
I won't summarize it but I can tell you the trailer doesn't do it justice and don't let the time travel throw you off.

It is a great father & son type movie. Yes, I guess you can say love story, it does have Rachel McAdams but
any leading lady would have sufficed. I liked the leading guy, so very much. He's not cute...Kinda like the Tim character in the BBC version of the Office. Yet, by the time you are done, he seems to be ever so handsome.

First movie that I cried in front of Robert. It makes it worse when I was trying to suppress it and then it just came out like a tidal wave..Tears I tell ya, funny how he just looked at me and said, Are you really crying?

Let's put it this way, I saved him from crying in front of me, cause I know he was gonna break down as well.

Movie is filled with laughter, hope and so much love. I give it an A+.
Robert gave it a B+, but maybe he can stretch it to an A.
I don't know if it was really that good or that we just both needed a good story to watch that didn't include all the special effects.
If it helps, it's the same creator as Love Actually.

David, please get Zoe to watch it. I am curious if she likes it.