Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MAXIMUS is our October baby

Hello you beautiful baby GIANT!


Fell in love with Destin, FL.
Had such an amazing time with Hong's family. I am dreaming of going back!

CA Bound

Trying to catch up on my blog. CA was our first out of state trip. It was perfect and spending time with Luke, Nic & Pailina was the best part of my trip. Great times! I miss those kiddos.


It's a lot of work to share your children and try to be a present parent. I like that they have shared custody.
Tuesday and Thursday are practices and Saturdays are game day. Robert got suckered in being the coach this year. LOL

Cameron on the other hand, likes me to pass the ball to him so he can practice being a goalie. He is eager-ed and willing to put the extra effort. BUT refuses to eat anything that might help him be bigger and stronger. He is ten. It's time to start select teams and we are trying to help him understand that it only gets more competitive. Hoping that he will try to add nutrition to his diet for the love of the game. No such luck yet.

Holden really had no interest in flag football and would try to feign that he had a tummy ache on Saturday mornings. If it's rain day and a game gets cancelled, his tummy magically is perfect. He has the build for a sport but he is definitely not motivate yet to have any true interest.

Baptism for Elijah

Super fun time. Wonderful luncheon, a feast for KINGS!

Aquarium Downtown

This is officially our first picture of the 4 of us together. This was taken back in April 2015.


I look forward to the weekends. They are now pretty packed with flag football, soccer games, child friendly restaurants and events...Kemah, here we come.

It's a different lifestyle and it's pretty darn awesome but makes me appreciate quiet date nights.


So very lucky that Vien 's family met up with us to go trick a treating. After getting a lot of candy on this rainy night, the boys (their mother was included) went out to have Pappasitos. They normally go to Gringos as a family tradition after the trick or treating but I insisted we go elsewhere, hence Pappasitios.

I know I could have compromised and in a way I did. I think we all did.  I am in the picture now, and some things (tradition) should change. I was willing to stick with Mexican food and just switch up the location. The only person who insisted on Gringo's was the boys' mom. Was it a power play on my part? Perhaps...But mostly on principle...The family unit is different and I felt very strongly that we didn't do the same thing they have been doing through the years, especially since the boys didn't care where they ate and the mere fact that Pappasitios has way better fajitas...

I am a fair person and by the end of the night. Everyone had a full belly and a smile on their faces. (It was a tad bit awkward to have her ride in the backseat of the car.)

Holden asked if I could get him a sister like the mouse...I told him the mouse was a boy. He said, great, can we get one?

     Cameron has been into space and chose to be an astronaut. Unfortunately we probably manipulated Holden into Capt. America because I didn't like the Ghostbuster costume.(When did I get so opinionated?) When he saw the shield, it was a no brainer, he wanted to be Capt. America.
My favorite Halloween family!

At Pappasitios


Dealing with birthday parties and then family birthday dinners...It's a lot of BIRTHDAYS....

Dealing with divorce, you have to spend time with the former spouse. I am lucky that she is very nice to me and I in return.

But truth be said, it's still a huge learning process for me. I guess for all of us.

Birthday Crush...

Holden has a slight crush on chi Giao's stepdaughter Ava. It's kinda cute but it's a little too young. We were invited to her birthday party and she came to his birthday party the following day. They play well together. Both are pretty strong characters when they are solo but interesting enough, when they are playing around one another, both are very nice and docile. 
Robert jokes that Holden was being the "creepy guy" cause he was hugging her a bit too much. I was surprised she didn't whack him and tell him to stop.

They are all 6 years old. Holden being the youngest.