Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teachers Rule

Thank goodness for teachers !!!
Appreciation Week.


We have completed Holden's 1st baseball season. 11-1

Got lucky to be on a winning team. Holden did go to 90% of his practices and all his games.
These coaches did not play. They were there to win and WIN they did.

Holden knew nothing about baseball. What he knew was what a bat and baseball looked like, not much more.

At the end of the season, he has gotten better each and every game. Proud of you for trying.

Tournament is in 2 weeks, This determines what kind of trophy you get, if you get one at all.

Nervous? Yes!

Went for frozen yogurt to celebrate.

Younger Days

Stuff Animals

He truly loves them.

Preparing them for bed. (For real!)


Two days of straight fun !

Lina My Star

Lina has been dancing since she was 3.
These are snapshots of her practices or performances for the school.

It may not be formal dancing anymore but she still dances with her heart.
These pictures were not taken by me.