Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom, Mother...Yes Mam

I actually had the cell handy.


Before I begin, I just read Melly's comment about her being "short" with mom. It made me sad because I am so guilty of it. I love her so much. She has always tried to help, when she can. I just realized that, I don't let her help. But that's my problem.
Melly is so right, why do I do this thing with Mom, that, well, I don't do with other moms. I know Mom has been a much better person to me than these other women, so why do I get so testy? My mother has never betrayed me, so why the attitude? Because, I can, and that is so wrong!!! Absolutely heinous that I do this. I vowed to be better.

Didn't think that it would only be 5 hours later.

God is testing me.

Mom, "Hi" Do you have time to talk? How are you? How's Penny? Hmmmm, poor Penny, we don't want to stress her.
More small talk for another two minutes. (It is 8:30pm and I just trying to venture home. I am tired, hungry and sweaty)

Still Mom, You know church is important to me. If your brother can't take me, can you? I can stay at your home until it is time for church, if it is closer for you. I could ride in the back seat, if Penny needs the front. You will? Really? You will take me? The next part is in English: Oh thank you daughter. I love you.

Me, Yes, Yes, Sure , Yes, yes, I love you too..(Tears)

She rarely ask me for anything. Yet, I had to remind myself not to rush her. I let idiots take so much of my time, yet my mom, I am in a hurry, almost all the time. Something is wrong and it isn't her.

I tell you what, she probably didn't know what happen since I was "Nice."
By the way, I am taking her to church. Me!!! LOL

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