Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good Times

BATMAN...The Dark Knight Rises...SO.GOOD. So. Good.
Worth repeating myself. Originally I was going to take them to see Ice Age, but since they realized I haven't sen it yet...They catered to me...Awwwwwwwwww thanks!

It was very nice to be early to the movies. Got the chance to hang with the kids. They are all such great sports about having to repeat seeing a movie. I think this may only my second movie experience with Adam and Madison.

Amber, being the oldest cousins in this group, would not let them tell me the ending of Batman. I think I could have made Adam and Aaron cave in...But Amber..said...NO!!!
 First time in my life, I am glad I didn't know the ending before I watched it. Worth the wait.

It's worth waiting for, didn't have to stand in line and almost had the theater to ourselves. Only approximately 25 people.

Good times ;-)
PS Aaron had a small bleeding nose. That's why he was covering his face. I remember Steve and I would get bloody noses often when we were young too.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pimples @ 40?

For the last three weeks...My face has zits...The ones that hurt...The ones that look gross on the face. So I took a picture to remind myself and humiliate-humble myself to starting a new goal.
I know my entire family has been ultra supportive and I think it's time again to use them again...hee hee

For Katie's wedding, I made up my mind that I didn't want to purchase a moo-moo dress. Yes, vanity took the best of me. I started my eating healthy (cut out bread for 5 months). I focused on eating more Vietnamese food and took up cooking most of my meals, except for the pho. I only cheated with a smaller portions of dessert. (yummy)

To make my long miserable journey a bit shorter for you...I lost exactly 50 lbs the day before Katie's wedding. Oh my GOD. What a struggle. But it was worth it. Please know that I have always struggle with my weight and I know that sometimes I feel..."Just eff it" & "What's the use"...But then I look at pictures of me and I just want to vomit. I know I am not skinny, by any means but I did feel very happy that I lost the weight hat has been killing my back but gave me a happier sense of myself wneh I didn't cringe @ a photo of me (as much).  I know I have a long way to go but I am trying once again.

As happy as I was...I ate non stop for the last month and a half and stopped walking memorial park, completely.  I have gained 20 lbs back. SO easy to gain. I love food.

Anyways, back to the pimples. I went to the doctor to see what the "heck?"
Basically it's my fast weight gain that is throwing things out of whack. UGHHHHHHHH
I tell you this weight is a severe pain in my big ass!

So with suggestions of Lisa and Chi Trang, I am putting up another goal for myself.
To lose that double chin and pimples in that picture I just posted. EWWWWWWWW

Wish me luck guys. And if you see that I am eating chips...Smile like Chi La, and offer me fruit instead.

I thank everyone for their support. It means a lot to me. A LOT!
Yes, on top of the vanity issue, I do want my health to improve. I am blessed with pretty good genetics from Mom & Dad...So the potential high blood pressure is pretty much...My fault, my love of food, good or bad.......


Just read Hong's post about small dogs and their habits of darting out. Watson does that and I just don't have the skills to train him to STOP!
He makes my blood boil, not because he doesn't listen...but just the idea that he will get killed by someone driving or another big dog (in this case, a stray cat) biting his bootie.

Oh well..

But when he is inside the house. I love this lil man...SO much! He plays well. It's hard for me to snap a good picture of him because he tends to run by myside every time I move around the house. I know I should train him better...I  haven't.

The Beautiful Sun

This weekend wasn't planned for me. Just decided I was going to do something.
So I decided to pick a family member and call them and tag along. (Surely with 8 other siblings, I could find something fun to do!) I texted chi Trang first and hit the jack pot!
I was going to get to bug Maddy Waddy and Awesome Adam again.
These two kids know how to do so many things in order to get prepared for the fun. I am always so impress with these two kids.
They are at an age that is quite fun to hang out with. They take care of me instead of the other way around.

So we packed up and headed to Lake Conroe.
It was so much fun.I missed out on this trip the last time because I was busy. I am so happy to get the chance to hang out and soak in the sun this time. The water was quite nice.

An added bonus was..... Hayden was also there! Yippee!
We had two boats to jump on!

There was a lot to do, but I must admit, I sat in the water and did nothing ;-) but chat with Madison and Diana (Dr. Tran's daughter).

I will also continue nag Javier for losing his glasses(over & over), after he insisted that he didn't need the straps for his sunglasses. He had them @ home. What good is it @ home when you are @ the lake. I am so annoyed, cuz I could have purchased those strap for under five dollars @ Academy...So we left Academy without them.   Poo-poo head was being thrifty  and now he is without his Wiley X. I told him to deal with me telling him" I told him so"......Because I did.
Three days later and I an still equally annoyed.
Can't wait to tell him I told you so...AGAIN!
Yes I am added salt to the wound ;-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Went to surfside this weekend and hung out with Madison & Adam.

We had a great time.
The water was beautiful. Saw dolphins and Anh Vinny cleared the beach out for a couple of minutes...How or why?
He had a small (12 inches) shark on fish fishing line. When he got it close to the shore...the line snapped. But not before we all realized it was a baby SHARK!!!!

But the most disturbing thing @ surfside was the photo Madison snapped for me.



Stole this pic from Lisa...
Is my nephew the next Roger Federer? his head band

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hop Daddio- Si Cenote

Hanging out in Austin...(I think I should move there)
Thomas took us to Hopdoddy for a late lunch. Got to finally meet some of his siblings.
I love them xoxo all..Ok, back to the review
Jesus Christ, it was around 2:00 pm and so hotttt.
The line was out the door. Then when you think you got inside, ready to eat...There's still a friggin line.
Thank goodness the company was good cuz I was MELTING (anyone knows that I loathe the heat)...
Then the burgers came...
It was worth the wait, can you believe I said that? I ordered the diablo something...It was truly spicy.
I did have the sauces on the side, simply because I dislike a soggy burger.
It was nice and trendy, however more importantly, the burgers were a thumbs up.
As for the name...I thought the heat made me see things, cuz I thought it was suppose to be hop daddy////but it is HOP DODDY...

Oh one more thing...When we were done eating...There was no fucking LINE!!! WTF?!?!?!?!??!(^(!!

Cenote was an accident...

Went to Juan and a Million (saw this on Man v. Food) but it was crazy packed. The area had four other Mexican restaurants near them without, any customers. I could not justify waiting in line (heat-remember hopdoddy) for mexican food since being from Houston, I do not wait for Mexican food....So we decided to give this place with an interesting sign....
Cenote is this quirky cute little Heights type Cafe Shop is a plus.
Let's put it this way, Javier is not one to like this type of coffee haus and he would drive back to Austin for the BLT. What made the BLT so special? It was thick crispy bacon. They didn't skimp.
Bagels were good. I tried the Lox. (YUCK) but not because they made it gross, I just like my plain cream cheese.
The Cafe au lait was good too.
The bonus to this place is you can bring your dogs here. Watson will be coming next time.