Friday, April 27, 2012

Showing my age

Austin was just so awesome last weekend. Town Lake was such a breath of fresh air!
Went hunting for the new Willie Nelson statue and found the old statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn.
I heart Austin.

Only if I could win the lotto and move there....and .....

LPM's Grills

@ LPM, it was just too beautiful to not have lunch outside on the tenth floor. I love work days like this. These are the people that I spend so many hours with...and thank goodness I like them. MOST of the time....(Don't know if it is vice versa)
Danielle and I are the only non-attorneys, oh if I only made an extra 200K a year...If only....hahaha
The partners in LPM are as follows: The L is in a tan cowboy-ish shirt, the P is in the red shirt with the shades and the M is our own fabulous Buffy in WHITE...

I love VW's

If you know me, I love VW's. Not all VW's are loved by me. I am fairly easy but if your VW has a peace sign on it or looks like you fixed it up with a hot glue gun...It is considered gross in my book. I hate the smelly patchouli ones the most.

I can totally appreciate the ones with rust and the ones that just need some love and time. I personally would love to own another Volkswagen... One day soon.

Went to Fredericksburg, TX to the largest VW gathering in Texas. It was so worth it. The weather was insanely beautiful and so was the abundance of cars to view.

Had a hot dog in back of a VW truck...So cool! I am doing this again next year and I will take time out to camp out and hang out with the non-hippie owners. Such great fun.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Buddy

I love Easter...But my kiddos are growing up so fast!
Now I really only have Hayden, Luke, Nic and Paula to play with...
But Nic and Paula are so far away...But I gotta spend an Easter with them before they are too big for the hunt.
Hopefully next year they will be in HOUSTON to do the easter egg hunt.

It made me so happy to see Amanda post that she misses those Easter days...Ahhhh, they do appreciate it.

I miss all my nieces and nephews!

This year I got to spend it with Luke.

He was a bit concerned or confused that it was okay to DESTROY the confetti eggs. Until he destroyed the first one...The rest came quite easily.

P.S. Luke is not a huge fan of marshmellows..He actually shared his candies too!