Monday, August 18, 2014


Yes I live in Texas.
Yes, Houston always has a high humidity.
But come on, it never gets old to say it's hot.
I mean seriously, it's "effing" hot!

Being as it may, and I can't quite change mother nature's ways.
I had to alternate my patterns to getting fit. No, I have deduce that I may NEVER
be fit, but I don't want to be fat either. (It's ok to use that word)

Tried going to memorial park around 8:30 pm (it's at least a thirty minute drive)
and finishing around 9:45 to 10 pm is ok except for the fact that it's a drive and a tad too late to be doing
this on my own, although there are still a lot of people @ 8:30pm but by the time I finished, it's pretty empty except for the hard core runners.

Tom Bass park is great except I feel rushed by 7:45 pm because the constable is on their horns every ten minutes,saying , "park with close soon", a whole hour and 15 minutes before the park actually closes. So it totally ruins the walk for me and there is absolutely no lights, so it does get a bit spooky.

I have tried doing this before work. It's a great idea but I just do not wake up early enough to do three miles, go home and wash hair and get ready for work.

Rice has a nice trail but parking sux and there's no lights other than street lights, so that option is out.

This weekend Robert had to find a new trail to jog for the fall since his schedule is changing and his jogging trail has no lights either. He suggested Hermann Park since it's right in the middle from our jobs.

We woke up @ 5:30am (toooooooooooo early for me) to be @ Hermann park to test out the lights for our evening jogs (more like walking for me).  There's a lot of homeless people in the morning sleeping and showering in the splash pads (it kinda grossed me out).

It was a nice change and I might use this trail with him...But I am a creature of habit. I personally like the Memorial trail best. It's something I am comfortable with and I am use to the trails and feel safer there.
And this whole getting fit, it's the first time I have a supporting partner that is willing to do this with me and is serious, if not more disciplined and eager to help than I can ever be. It's just nice. But...

Yes there's a but.... I do not looking like death becomes me in front of him. I do not want him to see my belly jiggle.. ;-)

All in all, it was a successful trial run with the new trail. I love the camaraderie and he likes the runkeeper app a lot. (Between you and I, cause he doesn't know I blog random things) This runkeeper app is so cool for him, he's an ultra quiet guy in general, except with me, and he acts like a grown up way too much..But when either Melissa or Chi Trang gives him a "heart" or a positive comment on his running performances. He lights up or calls me from his office and tells me, chi Trang thinks I kick
It makes me so happy to see him re-act with genuine boyhood machismo. It's good to see him feel young again. And in return, it makes me happy.

But this whole heat and trying to up my slowing metabolism in this Houston Heat..Enough already...I'm tired, bring in that artic cool breeze. I rather walk in 30 degrees than this 100 degree FUCKING bullshit weather.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It so it goes...

Battle of the bouncing weight.
I gained all the weight I lost in January and February.
March just plain out fucking sucked for me since I hit a road block with chi Trang diagnosed with fucking cancer. No, I'm not very gracious about it....
Cancer sux and it's amazing the strength you see in people when confronted with this obstacle.
There's a lotta love...
So good that I see it.

Anyways..April, I was just scraping by but gaining weight..Eating everything that people were bringing over to chi Trang's house. I ate and ate...

Then May hit...Still struggling but kinda pissed @ myself.

Anyways...July I think I got the jolt I needed. Finally seeing to it that I lost the 5 lbs of which I need another 10 to get down to January's weight.

But, it's five less...And I'll take it. I can look at myself in the mirror again this month and not cringe as much.


My life...

I have it good.
I don't worry too much.

Pretty lucky.

There's a couple of co-workers that infer that I am missing out on life because I have no children.
My reply:
I have rockin' nieces and nephews...Thank you.

I tell them that. And they say it isn't the same.
Well, yes, maybe it isn't.
But that's all I know. And guess what...It's a pretty fucking awesome to me & a comforting feeling.

These two women (obviously are unhappy) are not only mothers but single mothers and whine all the time about the fathers not wanting to be in the children's lives.
(I'm thinking it is them, not the children) Look they can't even say D.I.V.O.R.C.E. because those guys weren't stupid enough to get trapped.

Anyways. There really are women like that out there in the work force, trying bring down the single girl.
Yup I'm single but doesn't mean I don't have a good quality of life.

(I NEVER had to deal with this kind of condemnation in high school, why does it bother me now at ?)

This is a series of stupid questions I deal with as I pass by the reception area or company lunches.

You don't have baby fever yet?
You wasting your time with a men who has kids already.
Keep waiting and you will just stay single like us (OUCH)
Just have a baby with any guy...You'll thank me. (Seriously)

SO ....I think about it and my biggest sadness and fear is my sister being ill.
But other than that...I was genuinely happy before.
I mean my struggles in life is fighting over which movie to watch or should I go to the park or sit @ home and NOT lose any weight.
Or made up arguments that mean nothing, until you WIN @ it....hahaha

Yesterday I gave him two ties from Brooks Brothers...I wanted to surprise him. He liked one but hated the other. His exact words were...Thu, it looks like I would be wearing a road.
I was not happy. I told him I needed to get off the phone.
He text me later on and said how he liked the one tie...Nothing about the other.
In my typical Nguyen style, I told him to throw it away.
Then this morning, he was saying why I was being like that. Saying to throw it away.
I didn't even want to talk about it.
Then...When I pull into the office garage...He sends me a picture of him wearing the damn tie.

Okay, it is ugly...
But I won...And I wasn't even trying to win.

See...That's the extent of my

Over and out. (Paris and Danielle always tell me...Give that boy a break...But WHY?)
As for the two receptionist...Everyone is worthy...even if they do not have children. Even them for thinking I am not.

I do love that man...I do. But not more than white rice. Not yet.