Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch out for me on the Road

Before I read Jimmy's latest blog about music tapes, I had already started mine.

This was for my road trip to Austin or traffic times for work.

I too can't stand 104 sometimes and I can only handle Michael Berry for so long.

I cranked it on my way home yesterday evening and continued to drive a little longer, just to listen to the music.
So good in the car.
I am ready to make a second one for the house, so I can flip flop.
Now, I have a co-worker do this for me, so some of the songs originally picked, are not one this CD, couldn't be located (for free).

Thu's play list

Etta James           All I Could Do is Cry
Al Green             Let's Stay Together
The Killers          Mr. Brightside
Keane                 Everybody's Changing
M.Jackson          P.Y.T
Pet Shop Boys    Suburbia
Bill Withers         Lovely Day
Beatles                In My Life
Diana Ross          Upside Down
New Order         Vigilantes
Margin Gaye       Let's Get It On
Yvonne E            If I Can't Have You
Adele                  Rumor Has It

Love singing to these songs

Working on the next CD  gotta have Florence & the Machine,Barry Manilow, U2, Coldplay, Carpenters & Bee Gees
I wanted that song We are Young

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cat Woman

I was the cat lady but I am so obsessed with Watson, my little man. He makes me happy. He also brings out the sweeter part of Allie. She likes to sit right next to me more often now.

That's them getting ready for their positions for the evening. I am told that for a Rescue dog, to sleep the way he does, he trusts me completely. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!


Ok, I waited long enough to talk about this third installment of BATMAN.

Stop reading here if you for some CRAZY reason have not seen it and don't want me to RUIN it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been warned....


I LOVE YOU ROBIN!!!  Holy smokes Batman, how did I not connect the dots. He is such an awesome ROBIN. I can't stand it. You should have seen Adam and Aaron's face, just waiting for my reaction when I slowly put one and two together and got BATMAN & ROBIN....
Utterly awesomeness....

I need to go see Bourne Legacy and Timothy Green...
Those are on my to do list....

Today (The Morning Show)

Just a thought.....

I liked Ann Curry. Never thought much of it but I liked her. Now that she's gone...I don't watch the show.
I have switched to ABC with Geroge "S". (Too lazy to google how to spell his name)

Just reading tabloid trash and rumor has it that Matt Lauer wasn't really getting along with Ann.
All the more that I will not watch the show, if I can help it. Matt Lauer is like Ryan Secrest to me...It's like...Who the "fudge" cares about you guys...

All in all, I know Ann made out like a bandit and doesn't need me to fight her battles but really...Matt are you the Bully? If so...Thanks Al Roker for outing you...Cuz now, I think Matt is in line being crowned
Mr. Asshole, nest to Howard Stern...But that's another rant....

PS. I love it that Today's show has even gotten worse, now that Ann's gone. How do you blame it on one person. IDIOTS....

Monday, August 13, 2012


Appendectomy anyone?

I wasn't in huge pain but concerned enough to go to the doctor when I typed in right lower pain... Appendix pulled up immediately. Reading what I Googled, I was more concern if I ignored it. It was hurting me over the weekend. Off to the doctor I went.

For some strange reason, I emailed Lisa,saying something to the effect, hey I may have an appendix problem. Sure enough, being in the office, the doc touched me and pretty much made arrangements for me to go to an emergency satellite of Methodist.No time to think.

Yup, surgery on the same day. I didn't even call Chi Trang until the nurse said, I insist you call a family member, you are about to go into surgery. Gulp...So I did and got Anh Vinny. If you gotta get a hold of someone in my family, Anh Vinny generally picks up his phone 99% of the time, the next best person is Anh Vinh 95% and the bronze goes to Austin, 90%. The Nguyen women (me included) are notorious for NOT answering their phones.

A little before 9:40 pm, I went into surgery. I have had two other major surgeries.  My breast reduction, I got to count to the number FOUR and my tonsils, I got to the letter C. This surgery, with "milk" for me to go to sleep, I don't even remember when I was knocked out. It worked that good. No wonder Michael Jackson loved this shit!

Anyways, as far as experiences go, this surgery went relatively easy. Yes, it hurts like heck and without the good pain killers, I dont know how I would be making it.

I did nothing the week I was out, sleep, wake up, take pain killers and sleep again.
I missed two special birthdays, chi La and Lisa! damn drugs...just say NO!

I got to watch the Olympics, which was a life saver since I do not have cable (partly a self inflicted punishment for myself).

Watson and Allie enjoyed me @ home. They sleep SO MUCH! I swear my little doggie should be a cat.

 I am sure I am going to say ouch again when the surgeon bill comes in but as of today, I feel so much better.

Please listen to your body. It is telling you when you get sharp pains. If I waited any longer, the surgery could have been very costly and painful.

How do people do this without insurance. I already know what I owe is about 4K. AND I have insurance. HOLY COW!

So much cheaper to be healthy. There goes my little down payment for a new luxury car. Mr. Mazda, it's gonna be you for a little a while longer. Don't you get sick on me ;-)

Pics... I took a picture of my toes, painted GOLD for the Olympics...But it didn't come out in the picture.
Watson growling when that Willie Wonka song came on.
Took a picture of the flames going out.

Big shout out for my family and friends. Thanks for taking care of me.....Again.....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Day

Some days are better than others...Well today...It just seems to shine with happiness.