Friday, April 29, 2011

"Church-Hill" Waits, We Wait

Going to the chapel and ....

I remember when I was ten, I woke up early to see Princess Diana marrying that funny looking older guy, Prince Charles. Now, looking back, I wonder how did I fall into such a love for this fairy tale? There wasn't any internet and the Nguyen family certainly did not have cable back then.
Yet, Princess Diane stole my heart with her tiara and my fascination with anything English..

About a month ago, I came across a Princess Diana Postcard that Lisa sent to me when she was doing her summer studies in England. It was a card of the head of The Princess of Wales and her iconic tiara. Even then Lisa knew how much I just loved the Royal buzz.

I wasn't at all as excited for this wedding as I thought I would, I actually got annoyed with all the extra filler news I had to endure for the past two months. It was too much for me, I just had to switch the station as it happened to pop on the "telly". Trust me, it happened often, switching to anything to keep me from being burnt out before the fairytale begins. As this week rolled by, I let myself tune in.

Ahh, as I woke up and watched the whole ceremony from the beginning, it was nice to know I had my sisters and english friends to talk & text about this occasion. The weirdest part was talking to Mel and asking her if she re-called if Prince Charles wore red for the ceremony. Her reply, "I don't know, I wasn't born yet chi thu."

Great...What a way to make me realize my age...

As I watched, as an American, I was proud, all the same to experience such a lovely historical event. As my former beaus would say, I am such a romantic @ heart and you know, there's worse things in life than to be labeled as such.

Loved the way he smiled at her in the church.
Loved the little Page Boys...
Most of all....
Loved Harry!!!!

Curious, what did you love?

Extra tidbit: Prince William & Harry's last name is Mountbatten-Windsor, but they obviously do not use it....

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hanging Outside


You can't really tell but Luke was checking out his cake for a good amount of time.
Surprisingly he was quite patient.
These shots were over a time period where he walked over to the cake, paused, touched the cake, walked to the other side, paused and looked at the cake again


Look how happy dad and Luke are with his new ball!

Out of no where, Luke decided to make his funny face!
Gotta love this birthday boy!

Lights, Camera, Action

Guys, I got my Olympus camera to operate once again.
Well, it was never broken but I had a huge virus on my computer.
That virus wiped out my Olympus program.
So I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures downloaded.
Well, a co-worker fixed it for me (8 months later).
I should be snapping more pictures again @ my babies.

Did I mention what a great weekend this was?

It was!!! I needed to spend time with the family


Basket Babies

Run Easter Bunnies

This is probably my favorite picture. It captures the frenzy of finding the eggs. I am very happy that Austin & Amber played. They actually had double duties. Amber was looking for eggs for Madison and Austin was hooking Adam up.

I loved this Easter.

I am so sorry to Madison & Adam. The following day, I misplaced my camera. As soon as they left Sunday evening, I found the camera wedged in between a sofa cushion. So no pictures of Maddie & Adam. ;-(

Egg Head

It was time for confetti eggs.
Even mom got into the festivities.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper Rock ...

Okay, am I insane or did we actually have money and a potential tournament on Paper , Rocks & Scissor game? Wasn't Zinc a huge contender?

Only if the tournament still existed.I found my secret weapon...


Dwight Schrute cracks me up!
A friend sent this to me. Sold @ Fry's.
I should buy it and play with the family.

I will not be Kelly Kapur. I can't stand her.

I will be Toby.

Sweet Dreams

I had a beautiful dream this past Saturday morning.
It's the kind of dream that felt like it lasted for hours and once spoken out loud, it seemed so short but oh so real.

It was an afternoon at my parents home, but it wasn't their home, it was very modern. Metal keeps coming to mind. It was colorful and the whole family was there. TV blaring with sports in the back ground, poker playing & kids running back and forth. At this ultra chic dining table, the girls were talking. Poking at one another, laughing a little too loud, my mom giving us that look that she gives when we sound like jackals cackling. Then comes in my grandmother, hugs me and asks me, "How I was doing?" I smiled, hugged her and woke up crying. Realizing it was only a dream, I still cried? I don't know why, maybe because I didn't want the dream to end?

I failed to mention, everyone in the household was present but visually I only saw the women and nieces. You knew the men were there but I never saw their faces.

I'm still thinking about the dream. It's the only dream I had of Ba since she left and went to heaven. I guess I know she's doing well, heck better than I am, but I can't help but to think how powerful her hugged was in the dream because it has helped me get through this week of taxes and such.

Could she really know how stressed I have been this past two weeks?
How can a hug in my dream help me so much? Am I Mental? If so, oh well, could be worse. Right?

Dream Meanings of some symbols in my dream (of course I don't know if one should trust the internet..)

A friendly hug signifies relief from worry, but a passionate hug predicts an important change.

An opportunity to rest, relax, stop, think, or wait for what's next—or whatever else you tend to do in a chair.

GRANDMOTHER : Grandmothers can of course simply link to themselves and so if some important issue is involving them right now then you maybe thinking about them. But they can also be symbolic. They can link to the passage of time in some way. A grandmother may link to your assessment of how well or badly your experience of something has been going. Its essentially then symbolic of some review of your experiences.

SISTERS : Sisters are usually a fairly reliable symbol. First try to relate the issue to some issue involving your sister. If there are none then the appearance of your sister is entirely symbolic. Sisters link to the ways that sisters behave. They talk and explore emotions in an open way. They are fairly honest and show you starting to think in new ways emotionally. They can show that some painful issue is now been accepted. They may show you been more honest with yourself about some health problem. They also symbolise moments when you start to explore new ideas and think freely on a particular subject. For instance they will capture moments when you think "well actually I do tend to lose my temper easily".

Dreams of brothers -- whether real or figments of a dream -- generally indicate you're ready for exploration, alternatives and new ways of experiencing the world. If your life is chaotic, seek stability. If you're living a safe, perhaps boring life, take yourself out of your comfort zone. The more you dream of a brother, the more acute your need to "leave" -- even if it ultimately means you "come back.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Go For A Ride

When I saw this bike, Adeline by Kate Spade, it had Melly's name all over it.

There's only one bike up for grabs in Houston.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby on The Way

In the Virtual world...

My Baby looks OLD!

Why not have a baby with Viggo.