Friday, July 29, 2011

Where's my Invite?

Ok Daniel Craig...
So you went and got married, behind my back.
After I supported you for so many years...
I gave you my precious time
Doted on how wonderful you looked
Encouraged you on your new projects (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Gave you my hard earned money

And you married someone else, without giving me notice...
My sister Lisa had to break it to me? Well....Whatever,
I will now seek Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds for comfort...

Ok, I am not as weird as I may sound, but his marriage was quite un-expected.

Things that make me SAD

It didn't last more the ten minutes...

The RAIN has already STOPPED...

Boooo hoooo

I'm Back!

Been out for a while because every weekend has been so busy for me.
It may not seem like it but mom & dad's house is getting some updates.
It takes a lot of work on the weekend since the week is tied up with a heavy work schedule and and Sunday's out cuz I have a Catholic mom...What do I mean? You guessed it, No hard labor on Sunday's..A day of rest...

So that's where I have been

Things that make me smile today

1. Felt like I was a part of naming my cousin's son.
Max beat out Brandon. (Go Max, Go Max!)

2. Sent Amanda's care package out.
Hope she likes Pulparino while reading magazines.
Or is that just me & Lisa that likes those tamarindo candies...

3. Getting over my sickness...I hope.
I was dealing with a crazy one night flu on Tuesday, then painful food poisoning on
Wednesday & Thursday.

4. It's Friday!

5. It's freaking raining hard outside my window (Medical Center) Yea-haw!!!!