Sunday, February 19, 2012


Volleyball Tournament for Amber somewhere in Cypress.

The team won the whole sha-bang!

Final game, it was Houston Stellar vs. Houston Stellar Premier. (Same team one is a team and the other is the b team) Kinda like Varsity and Jr. Varsity.
(Amber is on Houston Stellar)

It was very eventful and I just had loads of fun.
Of course I think I almost RUINED things for Amber Again...
Chi La and Anh Vinh let her go with two other friends (with parent supervison)
to Mardi Gras (Galveston. I guess my comment and facial reaction made chi La think twice. I had to doggy paddle and say, oh, I was thinking Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Don't worry chi La, Galveston if more family oriented. She didn't even know how girls get their "beads" until I opened my friggin big mouth... Anyways, I need to learn to not to forget get that my older siblings have teenagers and well..I just need to shut my mouth.

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