Thursday, September 9, 2010

Picture this...

This is a painting that Chi Giao gave to me when she was downsizing.
I decided to give this painting a little update.
Instead of the serious gold frame, I modernized it by changing it to silver.
Then I had an old piece of mirror that I tried to cut (score the glass) to the size of the frame. Not successful, the glass cracked. But no worries, I still had another vision. I bought fabric to go with the guest room, the one that has the blue chandelier. It's going to go above the head board. But ah-ha, still nothing is going to waste, I plan on using the painted magnolia for the dining or living room. Without the frame, it looks less serious. I will place it next to something more contemporary to balance old and new.

You see, I am pretty darn proud of myself, I haven't purchase anything new. I have taken gifts from sibling and made it my own. Someone's trash is another person's treasure. Okay, the only new things I decided to buy or tiles, bathroom things (tub, tiles , toilet),roofing and wood for the house. But as for decor, I am not buying anything new until the basics are renovate first.
Ohhh but I want a kitchen island and a new sofa, so badly...Will power....

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