Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Granny part II

As I sit and read other blogs about my grandmom, tears come out of no where. Yes, there is great comfort in knowing that she is in a better place and even greater comfort in knowing that I now have another guardian angel watching over me. Just never realizing, until my sisters mentioned that she is re-uniting with her husband, my grandfather. I never knew my grandfather but my grandmother, parents, uncles and aunts definitely would never let me forget that I had a great grandfather.

I'm not trying to be silly, but I was told all animals go to heaven. So do you think Grandmom will find Tyson, Sweet Penny? More importantly do you think Grandmom and Anne found one another? I like to think so.

I don't know, I feel all scattered everywhere this week. Yes, it is nice to have to do things, but I think it is going to hit me hard, when all the families are gone and I am left to my memories.

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