Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friggin Lisbeth

OMG...Just read that Emma Watson is in the running for Lisbeth. That's the lead for The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. That means she is going to be co-starring with Daniel Craig. This will be huge! The rumor states she chopped off her hair for the audition. Smart move, if there's truth in that! I think she could surprise everyone and pull it off.
I am currently reading the book, only after I saw the movie. It's true what they say, it's hard to put down. The Swedish version of this movie was very graphic and intense. I can only imagine what a bigger budget will do for this novel. Excitedly waiting.

Others in the running:
Natalie Portman-Turned down the role (Thank goodness-I like her but..NO!)
Carey Mulligan (Not a bad choice)
Scarlet Johansen (Never, not right!!)
Kristen Stewart (The director has worked with her previously-David (brother) said it might be a good choice...Hmmmmm)

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