Friday, December 13, 2013


This is fairly new, at least to me. Mom found our old school pictures and started cutting us up. I told mom she forgot Melly.

I haven't seen this Kindergarten picture of me without all the pencil marks that me and
Steve would draw on one another when we were young.

ONE of the few pictures I didn't smile so big.

Hey I wore bangs when I was young... Don't quite remember that.

I told mom Wednesday night for the first time about Rob.
She was very sweet about it. Within four minutes, she made sure there was no old pictures of a former beau.
There was one...And BAM, she got her scissors out and the picture looks just like the picture above, just the outline of me...
It was a bit weird to see it happening and I told her she didn't have to do it. She was like, tut tut, No, this is the right thing to do.


Thanks Mom ...She's pretty sweet in her own kind of way and well, when..... I'm not trying to fight her on everything.

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  1. thanks for posting the pictures - I didn't even know I had a school picture like that.